Condo Owners De-Stress with Fire-Resistant DaVinci Shake Roofing

Did you know that your roof can seriously increase your stress level? Especially if you have a real wood shake roof. And the stress doubles if you live in a fire-prone area. You’re always nervous that a stray spark from a wildfire might fly on the wind and be “the one” that lands on your wood roof.

That’s how the residents at Grand View felt. Their Jackson, Wyoming, condos back up onto a national forest and ski area. And the cedar wood shake shingles on their 20 condos were deteriorating rapidly.

“The wood shingles were supposed to last 25 years,” says Richard Lurie, president of the Grand View Condo Association. “However, after just 14 years they were showing significant wear. They had curling around the edges. In addition we were starting to get leaks in several buildings.

“The community was very concerned over potential forest fires. With all these issues and concerns in play, we decided to invest in new roofing now.”

Fire-resistant shake roofing give residents peace of mind in this condo community located near a national forest.
Class A Protection

In doing their research, the community spoke with 307 Imperial Roofing. They liked what they learned about DaVinci Roofscapes fire-resistant composite shake roofing. The product has a Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty. The aesthetics closely resemble real cedar wood shakes. Above all, the roofing product has a Class A fire resistance rating.

“That Class A rating means everything to us,” says Lurie. “We appreciate the looks and durability of the product. However, it’s the Class A fire rating that reduced our HOA insurance and reduced our stress. That Class A fire rating brings us peace of mind and allows all the condo owners to sleep easier at night.”

The Right Synthetic Roofing

The team at 307 Imperial Roofing understands the positive reaction from the condo owners at Grand View. They get the same reaction from other homeowners where they install DaVinci products in the Jackson area.

“Our numbers of DaVinci projects increase every year,” says Cruz Moreno, owner of 307 Imperial Roofing. “There is more demand for a synthetic shake Class A fire rated roof in our area than ever before. We’re surrounded by mountains and forests. We get the pleasure of working just outside Grand Teton National Park. But that also comes with the knowledge that we’re in a fire zone area. People want to take whatever precautions they can to protect their homes and businesses.”

For the Grand View project, the roofing team added DaVinci Multi-Width Shake in an Aged Cedar color blend to five buildings. Each building holds four units. The 2020 project went smoothly, and condo owners responded positively to the fire-resistant shake roofing.

“The overall reaction to the DaVinci roofs was satisfaction and appreciation,” says Moreno. “They like the look of the roofs and especially how they blend in with the overall appearance of their buildings. These roofs help the structures look clean. We believe the DaVinci product gives the buildings an authentic appearance that really blends in well with the surrounding area while providing the all-important fire protection they need.”