Contractors Return to DaVinci Products

In Vail, Colorado the iconic Clock Tower’s roof was in bad condition last year. “The Clock Tower might not have made it through another winter with the existing roof,” says Alberto Ortega, vice president of Plath Construction, Inc. in Eagle, Colorado. “We got the new DaVinci Multi-Width Slate roof installed in late November just before the start of snow season. These polymer slate roofing tiles resist extreme weather conditions and are basically maintenance-free, so they should last for decades.”

The roofscape of Vail is dotted with projects completed by Ortega and his team during the past few years. Several of the buildings feature DaVinci’s Castle Gray color blend of light, medium and dark gray tones to create a cohesive appearance. The Vail Transportation Center, Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum and several government buildings are all close to the Clock Tower and feature designer roofs with DaVinci Slate alternative products in the Castle Gray blend. Plath Construction has also installed the DaVinci Shake product on a deli building in the downtown area and on the upscale Talisman Condominium project in the heart of the Vail Village.

“Aesthetic appeal is just one reason the DaVinci products are repeatedly chosen for projects in Vail,” says Ortega. “Their excellent long-term performance in our demanding roofing environment of an 8100-feet elevation makes them a smart choice for our businesses, landmarks and homes.”


Vail isn’t the only location that relies on DaVinci composite roofing. “Half of the roofs I install these days are polymer shake or slate products,” says Stacy Stines, owner of Stacy Stines Roofing out of Elk Park, North Carolina. “The benefits are so tremendous for these low-maintenance roofing materials that there are entire communities in this mountainous area that mandate replacement roofs all be made of fire-resistant polymer material.”

Stines has replaced almost ten roofs on homes in the Valle Cay community near Boone, North Carolina. “Once someone sees this product installed, they love it and want it on their own home,” says Stines. “The roof has a good profile and dimension to it, the color blends are terrific and the advantage of knowing you have a roof backed by a 50-year limited warranty is extremely impressive.

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