Creating Massive Curb Appeal

DaVinci Multi-Width Slate in Slate Black provides the perfect complement to this home with obvious stone exterior curb appeal.
You drive up a long road to see Glen and Patty’s new home on Crossings Drive. That’s good, because it takes quite a bit of time for the full impact of their house to sink in.

Located outside of Philadelphia, the gorgeous estate oozes with stone exterior curb appeal. DaVinci Multi-Width Slate tops stunning stone structures. The home has an accent turret on one side and a three-car garage on another. Plus a detached pool house. The steeply-pitched rooflines sit atop all the buildings capping them off perfectly.

“The roof is one of the main elements that captures your eye the second the house comes into view,” says Glen. “The DaVinci product most definitely adds value to our property.”

The Slate Black composite slate on this steeped roof was an eye-catching addition to this home's stone exterior curb appeal.Sold on DaVinci

Glen and Patty invested three years into the design and construction of their dream home. When it came time to decide on the roof, Glen already knew he wanted composite roofing.

“My company had worked with DaVinci on a project previously,” says Glen. “It was with the National Park Service in historic Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. That was the first time we used DaVinci. We were extremely pleased with the composite roofing product. So when it came time to select something for our own home, I went straight to DaVinci.”

The classic look of slate, plus the durability and longevity of the composite slate roof, drew the attention of the homeowners. Because of the steep roof angles and the slickness of synthetic slate, they also chose to have decorative snow guards from Berger installed on their roof.

Master Roofing Installers

Leading the way for the entire roofing installation process was the team from M. Jay Builders, Inc. Selected by Glen because of their expertise and professionalism, the DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor installs about six DaVinci roof systems each year.

“This was an extraordinary project,” says Merv Beiler, owner of M. Jay Builders, Inc. out of Gap, Pennsylvania. “Our team excelled on the challenges of this roof. They spent six weeks on the house. Then another three weeks installing synthetic slate on the garage and pool house. We had four meticulous roofing technicians provide their highest skill sets to make this project turn out perfectly.”

Given the home’s stunning stone exterior curb appeal and the way the roof complements it, the homeowners agree. “The team members from M. Jay Builders are solution-providers,” says Glen. “They’re always courteous and talented on the job site. This is not the first time we’ve worked together. And, it definitely won’t be the last time.

“They’ve helped create a roof for us that protects our family while showcasing our beautiful home. You can’t ask for more than that.”

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The additional buildings on the estate share the main home's stone exterior curb appeal as well as its composite slate roofing.