Custom Green Roof Tops Church

It’s hard to visit Norman, Oklahoma and miss McFarlin Methodist Church. Taking up a full city block, the expansive structure includes a sanctuary, fellowship hall, classrooms, atrium and gym.

Originally constructed in 1924, the massive stone church stands out in the community for its landmark green roof. When built, the structure was topped with green Ludowici tile on the roof. After experiencing significant hail damage to the roof over the years, church leaders brought in CMR Construction and Roofing to replace the entire roof. Of key importance was finding a roof that would withstand future severe weather conditions plus replicate the custom green color that had become the church’s trademark.

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“We selected DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate tiles based on the company’s reputation and the quality of the product,” says Jon Georgiandis, facility manager with McFarlin Methodist Church. “We’ve had the DaVinci composite roof up for several years now and have had no problems at all, despite some truly bad storms.”

Showcasing DaVinci’s unique color capabilities, our team at DaVinci took several of the original Ludowici tiles and created a custom color blend of light, medium and dark greens especially produced for the church project. Once developed, more than 500 squares of the green blend of synthetic slate tiles were used to reroof the historic church.

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