Roofer: “DaVinci never disappoints.”

Thanks to their new HOA approved synthetic slate roof by DaVinci, these homeowners enjoy the beauty of natural slate without the maintenance. As roofer Todd Knight leaves his home every morning, he has a very satisfying drive to work. Leaving his Mira Vista community he passes dozens of DaVinci composite roofs his company has installed on his neighbor’s homes. Now he’s added another one. The home of Joe and Carol Frana.

Knight’s company, Dynasty Roofing, Inc., just completed installing a Province Slate roof in a European blend on the Frana home. This makes about the 50th roof in the Fort Worth, Texas, golf community the company has installed.

“As a neighbor to many of my customers, it’s extremely important that the manufacturers we recommend are proven and reliable,” says Knight. “DaVinci never disappoints.”

Trusting in DaVinci

A DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor for many years, Dynasty Roofing has had strong, positive experiences with DaVinci products.

“We’ve used various synthetic products for 20 years,” according to Knight. “DaVinci is the only one that has lived up to its promises. When I met with the Frana family, I assured them that DaVinci would not let them down.”

Unfortunately the homeowner’s previous roof, just 13 years old, was cracked and discolored. That’s what made them decide it was time to get a replacement roof.

“The tiles looked very stained and unsightly,” says Joe Frana. “Plus we had a few leaks into soffit areas. It was disappointing that the roof hadn’t held up longer.”

Making a Synthetic Roofing Choice

The Mira Vista community has 680 homes. Started in 1985, the 625 acres of ranch land west of Fort Worth is now an upscale golf course community.

Frana knows that the Mira Vista HOA has restrictions on what roofing materials can be used in the community. Clay tile, concrete tile, metal, wood, Inspire and DaVinci products are on that list.

“Several roofing companies recommended DaVinci roofing,” says Frana. “We looked at a lot of homes in our neighborhood with these roofs before making our decision.

“After that we solicited several bids. Dynasty was a percent or two higher than another bid. However, we had strong recommendations from their past clients. And, the fact that the company owner lives in our community swayed us. It was a pleasure working with Todd. We feel we made the right choice.”

Province Slate a Strong Choice

According to Knight, Province Slate is being well received by homeowners in his area. “This synthetic slate has a highly authentic appearance,” says Knight, owner of his Fort Worth-based company. “Province Slate offers real slate beauty with an affordable price point.

“The Class 4 impact and Class A fire ratings are very impressive. The cost for this type of high-end product is viewed as a good value to discriminating customers.”

As the Dynasty crew started the tear-off and installation of the roof, they were especially careful. Because the Frana home is located on the golf course, they were mindful of making a minimal amount of noise. At the same time, they took extra precautions on the steep roof to safely remove the old roofing tiles. Plants and property below were protected.

“The team members did a good job of shielding most of the ground level items,” says Frana. “We had some minor damage to pool equipment. Todd was quick to offer reimbursement, but it wasn’t necessary. He was very involved in the project, checking in daily. And, his project foremen and crew were extremely competent.”

Enhanced Curb Appeal

With the project now complete, Joe and Carol Frana are pleased with the final outcome of their DaVinci roof. They’re especially happy with DaVinci’s Lifetime Limited Material Warranty that guards from future headaches.

“I think the combination of the DaVinci roofing and the new bronze guttering is a significant upgrade to the curb appeal of our home,” says Frana. “Plus, it’s really good to know our roof problems are behind us!”

As for Knight, he now has one more home to proudly pass on his way to work each day.