DaVinci Roofscapes Products Shake Up Lake Tahoe Cabins

What roofing color would you select for a cabin and boathouse project if it sat near the shore of Lake Tahoe? Well, Tahoe-VariBlend, of course!

The story begins with Nancy and Tim Gilbert acquiring a 1929 cabin in the old summer community of Elk Point on the Nevada Fake Cedar Shakeside of Lake Tahoe. Their goal was to renovate and restore the log cabin to the period. At the same time they built a new boathouse, also designed with a rustic look.

“Cedar shake roofs are no longer allowed in the Tahoe Basin as they are prone to fire,” says Tim Gilbert. “DaVinci Roofscapes was the answer to our design concerns and fire prevention requirements.”

Fire- and impact-resistant, DaVinci synthetic roofing material has been growing in popularity in recent years throughout California, Nevada and other areas concerned with wildfire spread. The Class A Fire Rated simulated shake roofing perfectly replicates real cedar shake roofing, yet has built in additives that allow the manmade product to give peace-of-mind to homeowners. (See also Playing with Fire)

“We wanted a roof that looked like cedar shake to complement the rustic architecture of the cabins,” says Gilbert. “The roof is a major focal point of exterior design, so we’re very pleased with our selection of DaVinci and the Tahoe-VariBlend. It looks like real cedar and fits into the environment nicely.

“Based on our initial experience with the composite shake product, we would recommend DaVinci to those who want the look of cedar shake without the fire hazard of cedar roof shingles.”