DaVinci Slate Chosen for Wind Resistance

By discovering their synthetic slate roofing solution, these homeowners eliminated flying shingles every time the wind picks up.
People rarely think of Arlington, Virginia as “the windy city.” However, that’s what Paul and Andrea have come to think of their neighborhood as since they moved in several years ago.

A little wind is fine, but the winds they experience are so strong that asphalt shingles were routinely torn from their roof.

“Enough was enough,” says Paul. “With the roof missing shingles and wind uplifting even more, we knew it was time for a roof replacement. My wife started researching contractors and roofing options. We knew we wanted a quality roofing product. One with strong aesthetics, good craftsmanship and a solid warranty. That led us to DaVinci Roofscapes.”

Despite intricate dormers these roof tiles stay reliably in place during high winds now thanks to the new synthetic slate roofing solution.High Wind Ratings

When Andrea got in touch with Customer Service at DaVinci, they recommended WGM Contracting, a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor in their area. Working together, they were able to find a synthetic slate roofing solution that provides the homeowners with long-term peace-of-mind.

“The house has a beautiful location on a golf course, but it’s on a hill with high wind exposure,” says Scott Kim, president and owner of WGM Contracting. “The DaVinci product is a natural fit here. It’s certified to handle winds up to 110mph. In High Velocity Hurricane Zone testing the composite roofing tiles pass TAS 125 testing, showing they can handle winds up to 180 mph. So they can easily deal with the winds in this location.

“Plus, the DaVinci slate tiles provide the realistic aesthetics Paul and Andrea want. Best of all, they gain the confidence of having the Lifetime Limited Material Warranty that comes with all DaVinci composite products.”

Synthetic Slate Roofing Solution

As Kim and his crew worked on the reroofing project, they dealt with the challenges of the high pitched roof. The team installed the DaVinci Single-Width Slate in a Slate Black color throughout the entire roof. They used multiple starting points to ensure a uniformity for a clean look on the home.

“We’re extremely happy to solve this homeowner’s dilemma of constant roof damage due to high winds,” says Kim. “Using a quality product like DaVinci shows that you can get aesthetics, durability and dependability all in the same quality roofing product.”

With their new roof overhead, Andrea and Paul are also pleased — and relieved. Their high wind roofing problem is solved and they’ve added to the overall value of their home.

“The WGM team was terrific to work with,” says Paul. “We liked their professionalism and high quality of work. I especially appreciate their direct and constant communication throughout the job. I’d recommend them to anyone!

“As for the roof, we love the end product. Everyone who sees the composite slate roof comments on the difference it’s made to the appearance of our entire home. The DaVinci product has not only solved our roofing problem, it’s added to our curb appeal and made us fall in love with our house again!”

With their synthetic slate roofing solution protecting their home, this family has more time to hit the greens.