DaVinci Synthetic Roof Survives Grapefruit-Sized Hail

In the City of Nichols Hills, Oklahoma, the roofs look like Swiss cheese. Horrific hail storms in the past few weeks have so severely damaged traditional roofs that car windows and even the siding of homes were also damaged.

Who escaped the harm? Homeowners with synthetic slate and synthetic shake roofs.

Slate survives hail stormAccording to roofing installer Jim Hofegartner, this was the worst hail storm he’s witnessed during his 35 years as a roofer. “There were grapefruit-sized hail and 60 mph winds that pounded our area,” says Hofegartner with Central Roofing and Construction Company. “A DaVinci Aberdeen simulated slate roof we installed a few weeks ago in Nichols Hills received minimal damage — especially compared to the concrete tile roof next door that was totally destroyed.”

The simulated slate roofing held up so well that Hofegartner has inquiries from many area residents on how to replace their roofs with the synthetic DaVinci products. “They’re all impressed with how well synthetic roofs stood up to these severe storms. I expect more people will soon order fake slate roofs.”