DaVinci “Wraps” Entire HOA Structure

By recommending DaVinci composite roofing and siding to this ocean-front condominium, the contractors gave residents a top-to-bottom low-maintenance building for decades to come.
As an owner, you can’t beat the view living in the Longhouse at Salishan. Located directly on Gleneden Beach in Oregon, you get direct ocean vistas out of one side of your home. From the other side you get a golf course landscape.

What you can beat is the endless maintenance worries and upkeep that living on the Pacific Ocean causes. The constant salt air, winds and storms can really batter a structure. That’s why, when it was time to replace the exterior of these condos, the HOA members voted to install easy-care DaVinci composite roofing and siding on the seven-unit structure.

One-Upping Mother Nature

Built in 1964, the Longhouse sits just feet from the oceanfront. Most of the connected condos are used as second or third homes. So when the property owners arrive, the last thing they want to worry about is maintenance woes.

Unfortunately the asphalt roofing and real cedar siding on the building did not hold up well to what Mother Nature continually brought its way. It had already been replaced once before. So, when it became apparent that it was time for another replacement, that’s when several HOA residents explored and presented options with better return on investment and easier care options.

“We researched at least three different products before APEX Home Solutions brought us the DaVinci Roofscapes solution,” says Devin Howard, president of the Longhouse at Salishan HOA. “This looks like the most realistic option. It meets our low maintenance needs. In addition, it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye and has the durability and longevity we require.”

Howard says the homeowners were also very happy with the 50-year warranty on the DaVinci product. “This warranty gives us comfort knowing we don’t have to invest another major amount of money in our exterior for years to come.”

Thanks to its DaVinci composite roofing and siding this building is both aesthetically pleasing and protected from top to bottom from typical ocean-front weather.Shaking Up Siding and Roofing

As the property owners met with APEX Home Solutions, they decided to invest in DaVinci Shake roofing in a Mountain color. For the siding, the group chose DaVinci Hand-Split Shake Siding in an Aged Cedar color. Both products are made of pure virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers, along with a highly-specialized fire retardant.

The DaVinci products are Class A fire and Class 4 impact resistant. The durable products also resist salt air and sea spray, plus algae and fungus grow, making them ideal for the coastal location. In addition, the siding and roofing products resist insects, high winds, color fade and severe weather conditions.

“This building now looks like it’s ready to stand the test of time,” says Howard, who served as the liaison with the contractors for the project. “Let Mother Nature bring on her worst. This structure can withstand our coastal conditions for the next 50 years!”

Investing in Composite Quality

In addition to the DaVinci composite roofing and siding the APEX Home Solutions helped to make the exterior of the building even more maintenance-free by installing easy-care trims and PVC deck and rail systems.

“We took away all exposed wood on the building for the most part and gave them a maintenance-free exterior,” says Landon Coggins, co-owner of APEX Home Solutions. “Our company specializes in coastal work. We’ve seen the success that composite products have on homes in our area.

“The DaVinci products in particular have the incredibly realistic look of cedar. However, they suffer from none of the problems of real cedar. The look is so authentic that this composite roofing and siding fools many people. But the quality product is so much more durable and reliable than cedar.

“Above all, there’s a major savings for each HOA member. Because they’re investing in DaVinci, they won’t have to be tearing off and replacing the roof and siding every 20 years. This exterior will look as good in 40 or 50 years as it does today.”