Designer Composite Slate Roof

A designer composite slate roof took this home's curb appeal to a whole new level. SPC Construction & Roofing excels at the old phrase, “making lemonade out of lemons.” The Texas team specializes in repairing roofs due to hail and wind storms. Since 2007 they’ve recommended DaVinci composite shake and slate tiles for many of those roof replacements.

“DaVinci products are made to withstand the severe weather conditions we experience in the Southwest,” says Jonathan Shaw, owner of SPC Construction & Roofing, a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor. “We install dozens of stunning roofing projects each year with these durable composite shingles. They hold up beautifully through storms. In addition, they add a great deal of value to a home.”

Upgrading Home’s Appearance

One such home that suffered from bad weather conditions was the Murdock house in Colleyville, Texas. Driving wind and hail resulted in water leaks and missing tiles. They called on SPC Construction & Roofing based on their expertise in storm restoration work in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

“For a replacement roof, SPC Construction & Roofing recommended Province Slate in Brownstone color to maximize the curb appeal of the Murdock home,” says David Martinez, property manager. “They were absolutely right in the recommendation. From a visual perspective, the new roof has greatly enhanced the home’s curb appeal. It contributes to an overall polished and harmonious appearance.”

Neighborhood uniformity, long-lasting protection and amazing curb appeal ... all in one designer composite slate roof from DaVinci. Creating Designer Lemonade

The SPC Construction & Roofing team invested many hours on achieving the designer composite slate roof transformation. They installed all new custom valleys, custom crickets and flashing. In addition, there’s a standing seam copper bay window that was put in place. The team added DaVinci Multi-Width Slate on a turret. They finished it with a custom copper cap.

“We have some of the best installers and metal fabricators in the business,” says Shaw. “This project showcases how special metal enhancements are to a roof.

“For this home, the metals work beautifully with the Brownstone slate color. And, from the top down, the Brownstone color complements the stone on the home’s exterior.”

According to Martinez, the Murdocks appreciate the aesthetic appeal of the Province Slate product. Its ability to maintain a uniform look with the rest of the neighborhood was a key factor in its selection. “This is an HOA community,” says Martinez. “The DaVinci tiles were selected specifically for their reputation for quality and durability. And, for the ability to match the style of other homes in the neighborhood.”

Final Outcome … Happy Homeowners

With the project now complete, the Murdocks are pleased on many levels. Their worries about future storm damage have been eliminated. In addition, the finished composite slate roof has significantly added to the value of their home.

“The Murdocks are extremely pleased with the final results of both the DaVinci roof product and the work done by SPC Construction & Roofing,” says Martinez. “The combination has exceeded their expectations in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.

“Working with SPC Construction & Roofing was a positive experience. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and efficient workmanship were notable throughout the entire roof replacement process. Without hesitation, we would recommend them to others looking to re-roof their property. Their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction are commendable.”

Together, DaVinci and SPC Construction & Roofing have proven to be pretty good at making lemonade.