Designers Impressed by DaVinci Roofscapes Composite Slate Roof

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “When One Door Closes, Another One Opens.” That’s exactly what happened for one North Carolina homeowner when the roof on their new home failed after just seven years.

A manufacturer flaw resulted in the need for a total replacement roof on a home designed by Design House out of Wilmington, North Carolina. While the firm generally doesn’t specify specific products for their home designs, they’re so impressed with the replacement DaVinci Roofscapes composite slate roof that they’re re-thinking their stance.

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“We normally do not call out actual products on our designs,” says John Croom, partner with Design House. “However, after seeing the results of the new DaVinci manufactured slate roof we certainly plan to recommend DaVinci in the future.

“The replacement DaVinci roof on this home looks beautiful. The sophistication of the simulated slate roofing captures the essence of our vision for this home. The mixture of colors and textures really provides the ‘Olde English/French’ character we were striving to achieve with the design.”

The DaVinci European blend was selected by the homeowners for their replacement DaVinci Multi-Width Slate designer roof. The five-color blend consists of Light Gray, Medium Gray, Dark Gray, Light Purple and Dark Purple to create a realistic slate roofing application. (See 50 Shades of DaVinci for more imitation slate roof colors!)

“The color selections available from DaVinci are definitely impressive,” says Croom. “From a design perspective we believe offering both the singular and blend color options will be extremely appealing to homeowners in our area.”