Dream Property United with Select Shake Roof

A dream roofing job. That’s what Trent Lovewell thought when he saw his client’s property. A federal-style main home, cozy guest house and two detached garages. And, the homeowner wanted composite shake roofing on all the structures.

“In the Omaha area we get quite a bit of severe weather,” says Lovewell, with  in Omaha, Nebraska. “People get tired of replacing their roofs every time a hail storm hits. That’s a primary reason we recommend composite slate and shake roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes.”

Authentic Select ShakesBlack Oak Residential

For this unique project the homeowner wanted something special. A composite tile with such a perfectly natural appearance that it would fool people into thinking he had authentic cedar shakes on the roofs.

“As soon as I saw this property my mind was already going toward Select Shake,” says Lovewell, who is an expert in high performance home products. “I had mentioned DaVinci products to this homeowner several years ago. We’re thrilled that he accepted my recommendation.

“Overall, the Select Shake tiles look so genuine that they’ve quickly become a favorite of our customers.”

The multi-width tiles of Select Shake come in eight- and 10-inch widths. Each DaVinci Select Shake tile is 22-inches long and has a 5/8-inch thickness. The 10-inch wide pieces have a simulated keyway. This gives the appearance of four- and six-inch width shakes placed together.

According to Lovewell, the unique tile design of DaVinci Select Shake allows for fast installation. “The traditional shake profile is easy to install and looks great,” says Lovewell. “This product doesn’t ‘break the budget.’ Instead it’s affordable and a great investment for a homeowner.”

Choosing Black OakBlack Oak Residential

Lovewell’s client had a variety of colors to choose from in the Select Shake product line. There are eight color blends, including Autumn, Chesapeake, Mountain, Tahoe and Weathered Gray. In addition, there are three color blends are in the Nature Crafted Collection. These include Aged Cedar, Black Oak and Mossy Cedar. Each of these colors reflects different progressive aging processes found on real shake shingles.

“For this property the homeowner made a terrific choice in the Black Oak blend,” says Lovewell. “This color reminds me of natural cedar shingles that have been saturated with moisture and mold for many years.

“It’s a strong color. It tells the story of dark, aged cedar on a home. This is almost a black bark coloring. Above all, I think of mature-looking cedar when I see this color. It’s perfect for this property and unifies all the structures.”

As with all other DaVinci products, Select Shake is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. The product resists strong winds, hail and fire. In addition, the composite roofing tiles also resist fading, rotting, cracking and insects.