Select Shake Replaces Hail-Damaged Real Cedar Shake Roofing

Durable Select Shake composite roofing will protect this home for decades to come.
Here’s the bottom line of this story, provided by Denning, a homeowner in Appleton, Wisconsin: “Select Shake looks fantastic … just as good as the original wood shake, but with more durability and less maintenance.”

How did the story get to this happy ending? First Denning’s 17-year-old home faced severe hail storms over many years. That led to the original cedar shake shingles being permanently damaged. The hail was so severe over the years (up to 2″ in size) that the cedar shingles were splintered and detached.

When the homeowners Emma and Denning moved in two years ago, they were in for a surprise.

“Last year the region experienced a few severe hail storms,” says Denning. “Our old wood shake roof was heavily damaged. When we had it inspected, we learned that the previous owners failed to have it treated properly to help maintain the cedar shakes. That meant we were suddenly in the market for a new roof.”

After living through hail damage to their shake roof, these homeowners look forward to the low maintenance needs of their durable Select Shake roof.Shopping for a Replacement Roof

As the family came to terms with the idea that new roofing was in their future, they met with the team from Durashield. Sales Representative Alex Walsh presented them with an option that would give them the cedar shake look they loved, but with minimal maintenance for the lifetime of the roof. Select Shake composite roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“There’s tremendous value in a DaVinci roof,” explains Anthony Walsh with Durashield. “It has a Class 4 impact rating, so hail literally bounces off it. There’s a Class A fire rating. Plus, there’s a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty and incredibly low maintenance. And, insurance companies usually drop homeowner’s rates when they find out a house has DaVinci roofing overhead.”

Once the homeowners made their decision to use durable Select Shake, they next selected the Tahoe color. Being closest in appearance to their original shake roofing, they felt it would best complement their home’s stone exterior. The final step was having a snow retention plan specified from Rocky Mountain Snow Guards. The snow guards help reduce snow from sliding off the roof during winter months.

The Bottom Line

According to Denning, the Durashield team handled the reroofing project efficiently and with professionalism.

“Durashield worked diligently with us throughout the whole process,” says Denning. “Especially when dealing originally with our insurance company. They were respectful of our property every day and responded immediately to any of our concerns. We enthusiastically recommend Durashield to our friends or family.

“As for the Select Shake product, it looks fantastic. We appreciate its durability and low maintenance. And yes, we got a new homeowner’s insurance policy once the roof was replaced. The new company automatically applied a roofing discount since it’s a synthetic roof.”

The Durashield team that installed the durable Select Shake roof is especially proud of the work done on this beautiful home.

“You can see this roof from a block or so away because the house is located in the upper portion of the community,” says Walsh. “It’s literally the envy of the neighborhood. We receive many compliments on it from residents and hope to add more DaVinci roofs in the area soon!”