Engineered Slate for Georgia Tech’s Daniel Environmental Engineering Laboratory

Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, the Georgia Institute of Technology is a leading research university focused on advanced science and technology. So perhaps it’s no surprise that engineered slate roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes now tops one of their premier structures: The Daniel Environmental Engineering Laboratory (DEEL).

engineered slate

As part of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, DEEL is housed in a three-story building. Originally built in 1942, the structure looks right at home surrounded by Atlanta’s modern skyscrapers. At the same time it sits next to Bobby Dodd stadium, home of the fighting Yellow Jackets football team.

Composite Roofing: Engineering Solution

engineered slate

As any good engineer will tell you, when there’s a problem, you need a solid solution. That’s what happened when the 20+ year old roof on top of DEEL started falling apart. Missing shingles, loss of granules, and failing flashings were all signs that a change was needed.

“Ironically, DEEL is a wet-lab,” says Jeremy Dickmann, president and CEO of PRIMM Roofing, out of Forest Park, GA.  “That means the last thing it can risk is unwanted wetness from a leaky roof overhead. A wet lab handles chemicals and potential ‘wet’ hazards. This means the building’s roof has to be carefully designed. It has to be precisely installed to eliminate the possibility of catastrophic contamination, leakage and risk to the public.”

According to Dickmann, inevitable wear and tear, the harsh climatic cycles in Atlanta, and even vandalism all played their role in determining the need for a new roof.

Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech

The historic Georgia Tech campus is dotted with slate roofs. However, when it came time to select a new roof for DEEL, the weight of natural slate was cause for concern. Additionally, the school was looking for an impact-resistant option to deal with severe weather.

Turning to PRIMM Roofing, the leaders at Georgia Tech requested insights on a slate-like roof option that would meet all their requirements. That’s when Dickmann and his team introduced them to DaVinci Roofscapes Single-Width Slate. It was quickly determined that a unique custom blend of 70% Evergreen and 30% Light Purple would meet this historic aesthetic appeal of the structure.

“The DaVinci composite slate checked off all the boxes for the DEEL structure,” says Dickmann. “The fact that this is a Class 4 impact and Class A fire material truly impressed the decision makers at Georgia Tech. The school had a complex, high standard for this re-roofing project. And, the DaVinci composite slate product fit in every way.”

The Right Roofing Product

The PRIMM Roofing team feels positive they’ll use DaVinci roofing materials again for future Atlanta area projects.

engineered slate

“What PRIMM Roofing accomplished using the right DaVinci product, at the right place, for the right project is repeatable for other potential customers,” says Dickmann. “Through this project we confirmed what I always thought. And that is, that DaVinci is a company we want to continue partnering with as a way to help protect buildings with outstanding composite roofing materials.

“For this specific historic structure I believe there was a good deal of craftsmanship involved. Our close-knit team of experts here at PRIMM Roofing works at our best on complex jobs where quality, safety and risk avoidance are key requirements.

“Our future appears bright. By working with companies like DaVinci, we can use advanced technology products and expertise to create outstanding commercial roofing projects.”