Epic Roofing Insights

When the team at Epic Exteriors gets started on a project — watch out! This talented group of roofers can tackle any challenge, including this steep slope roofing project at a home in Lawrence, Kansas this past October.

For this "epic" transformation, Epic Exteriors installed Bellaforté Slate from DaVinci Roofscapes to replace tired, worn out shake shingles. And, while there were a variety of challenges associated with this sloped roofing project, the team at Epic Exteriors handled the job with expert efficiency.

"My company has installed almost 20 Bellaforté synthetic roofs since the product was launched several years ago," says Shawn Bellis with Epic Exteriors. "This durable imitation slate roofing tile resists impact, fire, algae and insects. It's a real winner for our geographic area."

According to Bellis, there are many advantages to working with DaVinci. "When your sole business is synthetic roofing material, like DaVinci and unlike other roofing manufacturers, you can really focus on making it the best product on the market by solving all the issues that the other products have," says Bellis. "As asphalt products continue to go up in price, it makes the sale of DaVinci all the easier. In fact, I think that Bellaforté is going to make the asphalt market merge into the synthetic. 

"When it comes to the color blends, there is nothing better. DaVinci has simplified the color collation process for the contractor. With other synthetic products, the contractor has to work with the homeowner and figure it out — and sometimes that takes forever. Furthermore, with other roofing products, when you do have to pre-blend and sort the roof, it takes a lot of extra time on the job site too. 

"When it comes to the color blends, I love the selection. I'm not interested in being a designer and neither is the homeowner. I say leave the color stuff to the professionals at DaVinci, they are the experts at the color blends. If you start to complicate it then the job drags on. By streamlining the process for the homeowner, DaVinci gives the homeowner the right amount of choices."

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