Fake Slate Roofs – Not all are the Same

Roofer Jonathan Shaw gets the call often. A homeowner is frustrated because their fake slate roof has received significant damage during a hail storm. The homeowner thought they had invested in a hail-proof roof … only to be disappointed with the results.

“Quite simply, all fake slate roofs are not the same,” says Shaw, president and CEO of SPC Construction and Roofing out of Euless, Texas. “Homeowners have to be vigilant in doing their research before selecting a faux slate product.”

One of the most recent calls Shaw received was from homeowners in Plano, Texas. They had selected a roofing material made of recycled rubber and plastics. While the product appeared to be what they wanted, a strong hail storm showed the product’s lack of resistance to severe weather.davinci composite roofing composite roofing product fake slate roofs

Smart Roofing Choice

“For this home in Plano we educated the homeowner on the ‘good-better-best’ options in the marketplace for synthetic slates,” says Shaw. “They made a smart choice and selected slate tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes.”

The Class 4 impact-rated fake slate roofing product provides premium aesthetics and performance that other roofs can only dream about. Resistant to fading, rotting, cracking and pests, DaVinci products also stand up to wind, hail and fire. And, the composite slate products are backed by a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty.

“In addition to this being a hard-working product, the fake slate roofs look really good on a home,” says Shaw. “Every house we’ve worked on with DaVinci products has turned out great — and our customers are always satisfied with this composite roofing product.”

Texas-Sized Hail

davinci composite roofing composite roofing product fake slate roofsShaw and his team have been installing DaVinci composite roofing for 10 years. During that time they put up about 40 DaVinci replacement roofs. The company also installs gutter systems, handles interior and exterior painting, and a variety of other home renovation projects. Their extensive experience in the construction industry for the past 30 years has made them reliable, local experts.

“Texas weather is unforgiving,” says Shaw. “It’s true that everything’s bigger in Texas — including the size of our hail.

“Homeowners in our state have to put extra research and consideration into the roofs they select for their homes. With the pounding conditions we receive from hail storms, the DaVinci composite roofing product should be a top consideration for anyone wishing to protect their property.”