First Impressions

Drive up to visit a friend or relative, and the first impression will be the outside of the home. On many home designs, that first impression is all about the roof.

“We did a two-part project recently,” says David Davison, Armor Roofing and Sales, LLC, whose company serves the Springfield, MO area. “The homeowner wanted his roof to ‘pop’ as people drove down the hill to his property.

“We suggested a few different product options. But, when he saw the literature and sample boards he truly got excited. That enthusiasm led us to installing the composite shake roof on his home.”

A First Impression Stand-Out

When it comes to a reasonably-priced, top-quality product that resists hail, impact, decay and fire, DaVinci has made a name for itself in the roofing industry. The appearance of the composite roofing tiles far exceeds those of competitors. Those include stone-coated steel, real wood and high-end asphalt shingles.

“We tell people that the look will amaze them, and the price might surprise them,” says Michael Cobb, general manager of DaVinci Roofscapes. “When compared to other roofing options, the allure of our products is unmistakable.

DaVinci Shake

“These composite roofs live up to the look of nature. But, they do so without the ongoing maintenance, repairs and replacement required of other products.

“Steel or asphalt roofing can dent from hail. Natural wood shakes will deteriorate over time. However, composite roofing tiles are crafted to perform for decades without any concerns.”

Party Barn Gets New Roof

Davison and his team were asked back for a repeat performance. After the house was re-roofed in 2017, the family asked him to return in 2018. This time they wanted him to re-roof a free-standing building on their property — a party barn!

“We used the same DaVinci shake product in an Autumn blend to match the roof we installed on their home,” says Davison. “This homeowner loves the composite shake shingles so much that he wanted to create a unified look on his land.”

DaVinci Shake

Davison relates that the homeowner was sold on DaVinci products once he saw it on a home near him. “He really liked the quality of the DaVinci product,” says Davison. “The warranty and the no-hassles long-term maintenance were big bonuses.

“Now that the entire property is done, you can really see how the structures do ‘pop’ with the new composite roofing. It’s a great feeling to help people achieve their design desires. We made this homeowner happy not once, but twice.”

Made in the U.S.A.

Manufactured in Kansas, DaVinci composite roofs have an authentic, natural look. Their inspired engineering makes uncommon beauty and performance more attainable for every home. The product’s innovative design requires less overlap (reducing waste and cost). This makes it a stylish upgrade that won’t bust the budget.

DaVinci Shake tiles provide premium aesthetics and performance that asphalt shingles can only dream about. All products are supported by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.