Frank Lloyd Wright Style of Home Gets Synthetic Slate Roof

As you read this, it’s probably snowing in Telluride, Colorado. The out-of-the-way ski community can get up to 300 inches of snow each season. That type of weather is tough on roofs. It’s one reason why Sheryl Maher switched to a synthetic slate roof this year.

“We are at 9,500 feet above sea level,” says homeowner Maher. “This means that fire, wind, snow and ice are part of the environment’s DNA.

“The weather took its toll on our barrel tile roofing. An area near a fireplace leaked. In addition, we had broken roof tiles due to wind and snow in other areas. Since it was time to invest in a new roof, we decided to research synthetic slate tiles.”

What Would Frank Like?

Fate and good timing stepped in. While considering their roof options, a brochure came in the mail from Horn Brothers Roofing.

“We were looking for a timeless roof to match the Frank Lloyd Wright style of our home,” says Maher. “Metal roofs are popular in our area right now. However, I feel they date a home.

“We really connected with the DaVinci Single-Width Slate synthetic roofing that Horn Brothers recommended. It’s such a natural-looking product. In a way, we think Mr. Wright might have liked this himself!”

Frank Lloyd Wright style

Relying on Synthetic Slate

On the jobsite, the Horn Brothers team discovered what Maher already knew — her existing roof was in bad shape.

“There was no doubt a new roof was needed,” says Larry Lederer with Horn Brothers Roofing. “The concrete tiles were in poor condition.

“We recommended the DaVinci slate product to complement the home’s style. Over the years we’ve had great success with DaVinci’s composite shingles with both residential and commercial projects across Colorado.”

Made for Colorado WeatherFrank Lloyd Wright Style

The DaVinci synthetic slates are made of pure resins, UV and thermal stabilizers plus a highly-specialized fire retardant. Each tile is 12-inches wide and ½-inch thick. Modeled from actual slate, the result is a natural, non-repeating roof pattern.

“The Mahers selected a Brownstone color that accents their stone and stucco home,” says Lederer. “The combination looks great together. More importantly, this is a roofing product made to last. It boasts a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty. In addition, it resists fire, impact, fading, rotting, cracking and pests.”

Beating Out Mother Nature

With a small timeframe before winter weather kicked in, the team from Horn Brothers got to work. They brought in additional crew members to assure that tear-off and re-roofing were done simultaneously.

“Another roofer suggested it would take eight weeks to install a new roof,” says Maher. “Horn Brothers committed to bringing a larger team and got it done in just three weeks! They worked six days a week.

“The Horn Brothers team was committed to daily clean up. Above all, the employees were incredibly respectful. We were VERY pleased with their service.

“I’m very happy with both the look and durability of the DaVinci synthetic slate product. The finished roof looks perfect and has added true value to our property.”