From Crumbling Cedar to Class A Fire Rated Composite Shake

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Roofer Will Boyd had barely started on Jack and Amanda Miller’s replacement roof when he could tell this would be no ordinary project. First of all, the existing cedar roof shakes were so brittle they each splintered into thousands of pieces when being removed. Secondly, the crew had a unique and totally dedicated audience — bears. Everywhere.

“It’s like the bears were keenly interested in seeing what we were putting on the roof!” exclaims Boyd, owner of Renewal Roofing out of Atlanta, Georgia. “Each day they’d return. And each day they’d see us taking down these disintegrating cedar shakes. As we started bringing the new composite shakes on the roof, it’s almost as if their interest perked up!”

Even the bears are excited about the new Class A Fire Rated Composite Shake replacement roof. Investing in Fire-Resistant Composite Shake

What the bears witnessed was a mountaintop home whose cedar roof had dried up substantially during the past two decades. It was kindling waiting to happen. That’s what led the homeowners to choose the Class A fire rated composite Select Shake roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“Due to recent wildfires in our area we were looking for an improved fire rating while maintaining the aesthetics of cedar shakes,” says Amanda Miller. “A friend had used DaVinci composite slate on his house and liked the results.

“I went to the DaVinci website and then spoke with Mike Franck. The knowledge shared with me was invaluable in making my decision to invest in DaVinci.”

Finding the Best Roofer

Once the Millers chose the product for their Gatlinburg, Tennessee home, they next sought out a roofer. Renewal Roofing specializes in DaVinci installations throughout the Southeast, so they trusted Boyd and his team to create the natural appearance they were seeking.

“We cannot imagine finding a better roofing company,” says Miller. “Renewal Roofing was a pleasure to work with at every step of the way. They were professional, efficient and pleasant. They started on time and worked consistently on steep roof elevations in cold, windy conditions. Above all, they left everything clean when they were finished each day.”

From Boyd’s standpoint, the Select Shake was a strong selection for the Miller’s home.

“Select Shake gives them the same look as the natural cedar, but with far better performance and life expectancy,” says Boyd, a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor. “The color palette from DaVinci is so thoughtful. The Aged Cedar the Millers chose is so natural in appearance. The realistic tone has no other match in the industry.”

Roof Transformation

As Boyd and his team completed the roof, they were “barely” able to contain their enthusiasm for the finished project.

“We’ve just taken a roof that was crumbling in our hands, susceptible to wildfire and no longer being insured by an insurance company,” says Boyd. “And we transformed that roof into a Class A fire rated roof. A composite shake roof with a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty.

“I know these homeowners are excited about the change. Somewhere in the woods, I’d like to think the bears are also applauding!”

These homeowners said goodbye to their crumbling shake roof and hello to a Class A Fire Rated Composite Shake replacement from DaVinci.