From the Architect’s Corner – Blending In (While Standing Out)

Our typical project requires a roof that will fit in with existing roofs on neighboring homes or buildings. Most of my callers end up describing to me what other types of roofing material there are around the project so that we can get on the same page, as far as product and color samples needed. Between DaVinci's Slate and Shake polymer roof profiles we have 7 products and 49 colors, which can blend into almost any college campus, retail district or neighborhood with ease.

A great example of this is a project we featured earlier this year in Beverly, Illinois. The building owners started looking for something that would complement the other roofs in the neighborhood for a lower cost and less weight. The new roof needed a product that would hold up to the tough weather conditions of the area and could go through the seasons with as little maintenance as possible. The roof coverage starts just 10 feet off the ground, so the tiles needed to look as good as possible close up and they ended up going with DaVinci Slate in Slate Gray and it complements the natural slate roofs in the neighborhood. Click here if you are interested in finding out more about this project.

Happy Friday, Architects!