Hail Storm Destroys Real Cedar Roof in Cedarburg

There’s some irony to the fact that real cedar roofs in Cedarburg, Wisconsin were severely damaged during a 2020 hail storm. In a city where the word “cedar” is right in its name, the natural shake product could not stand up to Mother Nature.

Records show that baseball-sized hail fell in Cedarburg the afternoon of April 7, 2020. Within an hour, the heavy cedar shake roof atop Ken Korb’s home was pock-marked and destroyed.

Investing in Select ShakeHail Storm

After the storm, Korb began looking for a new roof. After finding Select Shake composite roofing, his search was over.

“The look, durability and warranty convinced me to invest in Select Shake roofing,” says Korb. “I’m thrilled that future hail storms won’t cause us any worry. Plus, this is an easy-care product. In the past, I’d have to treat my real cedar shake roofing every five years. That cost upwards of $8,000 each time. We’re done with that!”

Created with the authentic look of real cedar shake taken from natural wood profiles, multi-width DaVinci Select Shake tiles resemble a traditional cedar shake look.

Available in eight- and 10-inch widths, each DaVinci Select Shake tile is 22-inches long and has a 5/8-inch thickness. In addition, the 10-inch wide pieces have a simulated keyway to give the appearance of four- and six-inch width shakes placed together.

Select Shake products meet the same testing classifications as other DaVinci roofing products.  Therefore, the tiles resist impact, fire, fading, rotting, cracking and insects.

Farewell Real Cedar Shakes

To transform his roof, Korb chose the team from DuraShield.

“This was our first time installing the Select Shake product,” says Anthony Walsh with Durashield. “Both our company and the homeowner were impressed with the final appearance. The Tahoe color is a great replication of a natural cedar roof.”

Because the Korb family has an abundance of unique outdoor artwork, the DuraShield team took extra care on the jobsite. “There are one-of-a-kind sculptures that needed to be moved or covered and protected,” says Walsh. “We took extra care with those pieces right through the time when we did the custom copper work on the dormers and eyebrows.”

Hail Storm

New Roof, New Look

According to Korb, the DuraShield team made re-roofing his expansive home a painless experience.

“This crew was simply amazing,” says Korb. “They worked hard, were exceedingly polite, and cleaned up every night. We felt they took very good care of our property. As a result, we’ve recommended them — and the DaVinci Roofscapes product — to several people.

“We’re really pleased with the final results. The Select Shake roof makes our home look new again. And, we’re protected by the Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty, so we know there will be no more re-roofing projects at our home!”