Heavenly Intervention Prevents Church from Getting Wood Shake Roof

Roofing contractor Greg Mckeown was all set to replace the decaying wood shakes on the roof at All Saints’ Episcopal Church with new wood shakes. Then he went to a seminar hosted by Aloha Roofing Supply and DaVinci Roofscapes … and he changed his mind.

“Although we already had a wood shake roofing contract settled with All Saints Church we met with them and asked them to reconsider and use the DaVinci composite shake,” says Mckeown owner of Greg’s Roofing out of Kauai, Hawaii. “We thought the synthetic DaVinci Shakes would be a much better product for the church in the long run.

“The old cedar wood shake roof lasted just 20 years in our island conditions. The harsh Hawaiian elements of sun, salt air and humidity can be rough on many roofs, especially those made of wood. However, the DaVinci product will keep its good, clean look for decades to come.”

fake wood shake roof

Divine Intervention

Designed by Honolulu architect Guy N. Rothwell, All Saints Church was completed in 1925. The building uses native lava rock stone in its structure and features stunning stained glass windows.

You could call it a bit of “divine intervention” that brought Mckeown to the DaVinci seminar at Aloha Roofing Supply. “Everyone who sees the church says the results of this re-roofing project are terrific,” says Mckeown. “This is a historical building and DaVinci met all the criteria required to allow us to install it. When you see this building the roof is very visible. The old cedar shakes were leaking and they looked awful. Now the entire exterior has a new life and a new, clean look thanks to the DaVinci products!”