Shaking Up Mountaintop Homes

DaVinci's resistance to fire and freeze-thaw cycles make it the ideal high altitude composite roofing.
Mother Nature presents Colorado mountain homes with a special set of challenges. Heavy snows, wildfire concerns and freezing temperatures are just some of them. So rooftops in the Rocky Mountain state must be ready to handle extreme weather conditions. That’s why Umbrella Roofing recommends DaVinci Roofscapes products to their clients.

“We like putting our name behind a quality product,” says Jake Borah, owner of Umbrella Roofing out of Eagle, Colorado. “Since 2001 we’ve installed more than 40 DaVinci roofs a year. Why? Because it’s a high-quality composite roofing product that functions really well in high mountain altitudes.”

Snow guards on a DaVinci roof help prevent snow avalanches, making it an even more effective high altitude composite roof. Reliable Composite Roofing

One of the company’s most recent projects is in Avon, Colorado, on a home high up on Beaver Creek Mountain. The existing real cedar shake roof was failing. Plus, the homeowner’s insurance company was getting nervous about continuing to provide insurance on a wood roof in an area known for wildfires.

“The homeowners came to us and we didn’t hesitate to recommend a DaVinci Multi-Width Shake roof,” says Borah, a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor. “The Class A fire resistant roofing product, with the right underlayments, fulfill the insurance requirements. In addition the roof doesn’t suffer through freeze-thaw situations, so there’s no leaking.

“DaVinci is a proven product. Based on years of experience with installing DaVinci on these mountains we know it holds up very well in Colorado conditions. And, the Black Oak color the homeowners selected for their custom home looks extremely natural in the wooded setting.”

Award-Winning Project

For the exemplary work done in re-roofing the challenging low-slope home, this project from Umbrella Roofing was named as a winner of a 2023 DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Project of the Year Award.

The award is presented to just a handful of roofers nationwide each year. Qualifications are excellence of installation work, outstanding visual impact and ability of the roofing work to transform the look of a home.

“We’re excited about this award,” says Borah. “There’s no doubt that the DaVinci products made a huge impact on this home. This is a complex roof system with lots of dormers, nooks and crannies. There are many lower sloped valleys with large facets that slope into them. We took extra steps to assure the homeowners will enjoy a tight roof with no problems.”

One of the extra steps taken was to install a complete snow retention system from Rocky Mountain Snow Guards. With the intense snowfall in the high elevation, melting snows can sometimes avalanche off synthetic roofs. The combination of installing snow guards and a snow rail system will help prevent that situation and keep the family safer.

“Both the DaVinci and Rocky Mountain Snow Guards products allow Umbrella Roofing to present a dependable, functional and top quality roofing system for our clients,” says Borah. “While vastly improving the aesthetics of this home, this new roofing system also gives the homeowners peace of mind for decades into the future.”