Province Slate Roof Improves Golf Course Living

 The Class 4 impact rating on this high-performance composite slate roof will give the homeowners peace of mind when golf balls fly their way.

Did you know that once struck, a golf ball can exceed 150 mph? That type of impact, if striking a person, is like being hit by a 22-caliber rifle bullet. When hitting a roof, it’s worse than hail damage.

Maureen Ksiez and Brian Muskopf know this first hand. Over the past several years they’ve discovered that, while mostly terrific, living on a golf course lot does have some disadvantages.

Take their roof. The cement Spanish barrel roof on their Florida home was a casualty of their 15th fairway location. There were so many holes and cracks in the roof from golf ball impacts that their insurance company refused to renew their policy unless they replaced their roof.

This high-performance composite slate roof from DaVinci protects the home from stray golf balls and gives the homeowners maximum peace of mind. “We started searching for a roof that would be impact resistant to golf ball damage,” says homeowner Ksiez. “That search led us to DaVinci Roofscapes. We liked the look of the composite slate and the impressive Class 4 impact rating. The Lifetime Limited Material Warranty also played a significant role in our decision.”

High-Performance Composite Slate

Once the homeowners reached out to DaVinci for product details, they were put in touch with Florida Specialty Roofing, a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor.

“Brian and Maureen wanted the look and performance of a composite slate,” says Ryan Kruse, owner of Florida Specialty Roofing, out of Orlando, Florida. “However they wanted a product that could compete price-wise with traditional concrete. This led the way for us to propose DaVinci Province Slate.

“This composite product comes in at a very competitive price point without any sacrifice in quality or performance. Homeowners like that it matches the look of a single-width slate option while adding value to their home.”

Province Slate is a 12-inch wide tile with a fixed 8-inch exposure. This high-performance composite slate reflects its historical nature with authentic natural slate appeal.

Modeled after actual slate, the tiles have a natural, non-repeating beauty that complements a variety of home styles. The Class A fire-rated and Class 4 impact-rated tiles resist severe weather, high winds, insects, algae and fungus growth.

Made of virgin resins, ultraviolet and thermal stabilizers, along with a highly specialized fire retardant, Province Slate tiles are ideal for any climate. Each tile has an enhanced backside rib structure and self-aligning ledge for ease and speed of installation.

high-performance composite slatePlaying Through

“Province Slate was a good choice for our home,” says Ksiez. “The look is close enough to what we had in mind, and the Class 4 impact resistancy is one of the main reasons we chose DaVinci.”

The actual installation of the Province Slate took less than two weeks, from tear off to completion. “The Florida Specialty Roofing team was fast and clean,” says Ksiez. “I’d absolutely recommend them to family and friends. We were very pleased with their work.

“Now we have a roofing product that looks good and will last a long time. The best part is that when I hear a golf ball hit our roof, I no longer cringe!”