Historic Church Gets Modern Roof

 Drive down almost any road in downtown Lawton, Oklahoma and look up. You’re certain to see the impressive aged copper bell tower of Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church.

The massive brick church is one of the most recognized structures in the Lawton community. Originally dedicated in 1903, the church was destroyed by fire in 1924, believed to be attributed to the KKK. The current church was then built and dedicated in 1926.

Look at the stunning church today and you won’t be thinking of its sad start. The beautiful exterior now boasts a new Single-Width Slate roof from DaVinci Roofscapes that makes many people smile.

“Several of our parishioners have said that we have the ‘most attractive roof’ in Lawton,” says Fr. Brian Buettner, pastor at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. “Because of the high profile of our facility and its historic nature, we’ve actually received donations for the roof replacement from the surrounding communities. This is a roof we’re all exceptionally proud to have in place.”

Before 3a   After 2

Installed by Jenco Roofing, the Slate Gray composite slate roof replaced older, leaking shingles on the church structure. “Every time it rained, the church would have water leaking inside,” says Fr. Buettner. “To make sure we selected the best roof possible, our building committee traveled to Oklahoma City and were presented with different roofing options. When we found the DaVinci tiles, we all knew it was the perfect product for our church.”

According to Buettner, the durability of the DaVinci product was a major factor in deciding to select the composite slate. “We experience hail, high winds, and heavy rain throughout the year in southwestern Oklahoma,” says Fr. Buettner. “The regular occurrence of severe storms in the area make it necessary for us to safeguard the church interior with a roof we can rely on. We wanted a roof that would protect the structure for decades to come, while retaining its beauty.

“We were looking for a modern product that would give us longevity and good looks. We found that in the DaVinci Roofscapes product.”

Now that the new roof is in place, the 800 families at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church no longer have to worry about leaks and stormy weather. And their church will continue to make history as it moves forward with its new composite slate roof.