Historic Homes Get Contemporary Polymer Roofing

When Kevin and Nancy Dye purchased their 1929 historic home in Virginia, they did so knowing a new roof was in their future.

Fake Slate RoofThe home originally sported a red Mediterranean tile roof, but it had been replaced by an artificial black slate roof that that the homeowners disliked.

 “We did an extensive amount of research on roofing materials and searched for a realistic and durable slate product," says homeowner Nancy Dye. "The result is a DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate roof that we love. We brightened up the home’s exterior by selecting the Vineyard blend of eight different colors — dark and medium tan, light and medium gray, light and dark violet, dark stone and dark amber. This color combination fits the era of the home and complements our cobblestone driveway and sidewalk, the stone exterior of the house and our copper gutters and snow guards.”


Half way across the country in Texas, the Telecky family faced the same challenge of replacing the roof on their historic 1914 home.

Slate Roof Alternative“The home originally had wooden shake shingles, which were covered up over the years with several layers of asphalt shingles,” says homeowner Kathy Telecky. “We discovered that only the polymer roof tiles produced by DaVinci Roofscapes are uniquely designed to resist warping, fading, curling and cracking. And, these polymer tiles are fire and impact resistant, so we never have to worry about how our intense Texas heat or hail storms will affect them.”
The Telecky family is pleased with their new imitation slate roof. “The roofing tiles never look like plastic," says Telecky. "Right from the start they looked very natural with their understated slate gray color. This so accurately resembles real slate that we’re completely delighted with its beauty. Now we’re the envy of the neighborhood and our roof is ready for any weather we face in Texas!”

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