Historical Canadian Home Re-Roofed with Composite Slate

Free professional color assistance enabled the owner of this historical bed and breakfast to re-roof the residence in a color that matched its aesthetic.

Book a room at Primrose Place and you’ll be overwhelmed by the charm. More than a century old, the “historical home turned AirBnB” is located in the small city of Penticton in British Columbia, Canada.

Built in 1920, natural slate protected the house for more than 100 years. When it finally wore out, owner Sally Attwell was keen on keeping the same look. However, she did not want the weight or cost of the heavy slate.

“I searched for a replacement roof that would be in keeping with the home’s heritage value,” says Attwell. “For this house I didn’t want just any roof. I wanted an authentic-looking slate that would last a long time.”

Attwell’s research led her to DaVinci Roofscapes, where free professional color assistance helped finalize her decision.

Authentic Slate for Heritage Home

For Primrose Place, Attwell selected DaVinci Multi-Width Slate. She was eager to find a roof that would protect her heritage home for many years to come.

“The biggest pro for me was the durability that a DaVinci roof has to offer,” says Attwell. “The composite shingles have a Class 4 impact rating, which is the highest rating a roofing material can achieve. In addition, these DaVinci slate shingles are modeled from real slate tiles. They even have chisel marks to add a hand-crafted touch to make them look completely authentic. This fits with the historic style of the home.”

Attwell purchased Primrose Place in 1982, later adding a guest suite to the basement. The quaint setting is surrounded by award-winning gardens and landscaped grounds. Tucked away, yet close to downtown Penticton, the home is surrounded by lakes, orchards, vineyards and mountains.

This composite slate roof, chosen with the help of free professional color assistance from DaVinci, will beautifully protect this home for decades to come. Free Professional Color Assistance

When it came time to select the color for her DaVinci roof, Attwell had assistance. International color expert Kate Smith, with Sensational Color, offered free DaVinci color consultation.

“There were several colors that would bring out the charm of this home,” says Smith. “The Aberdeen combination of warm tones of tan, brown, a hint of green and a deep gray would look lovely. It’s a showstopper color that mimics a multi-color blend from the past.

“Brownstone, which is a combination of muted browns and gray-browns, would also complement the details of the home, and would work great. As for solid colors, Ms. Attwell could easily go with Slate Gray, Slate Black or Smokey Gray. Each of these is a classic color. She can’t go wrong with any of them.”

In the end, Attwell chose the Smokey Gray color for the Tudor-style home.

“I absolutely love the DaVinci roof,” says Attwell. “It’s in keeping with the integrity of Primrose Place and looks stunning. I’ve had many compliments on it. It adds to the curb appeal of the house and people truly believe it’s real slate.”