Home Exterior Shines with Colorful Roof

Mercedez Tylock didn’t let a hailstorm ruin her love of her 13-year old home. Instead, the Texas professional interior designer turned her talents to the outside of her home and created a new exterior.

Tylock started “from the top down” by selecting a Multi-Width Slate roof from DaVinci Roofscapes. National color expert Kate Smith of Sensational Color, helped Tylock decide to have DaVinci create a custom blend for her roof of Light and Dark Gray, Light and Dark Purple and Dark Violet tones.

“The Tylocks really wanted to make a color statement on their home’s exterior that unified their entire house,” says Smith, president of Sensational Color. “They were working with a great deal of pink/red hues in the exterior brick and also with natural stonework. To unify all these colors, I suggested they go with rich, deep colors for the roof to help the brick stand out on its own.

“Working from the top down, I next encouraged the homeowners to get rid of the yellow-painted front door and use something stained or in a more cohesive color. A stain with a wood tome featuring more red/pin or gray would help them achieve the look they’re after. Overall, the unity of this house depends on respecting the fixed brick features of the home, then starting with the roof color and working downwards. Using deep, dark colors against the brick makes a stand-out statement and gives the Tylocks a terrific visual advantage.”

Finding the Perfect Custom Roof Color

According to Tylock, Smith’s advice made sense and the family embraced the idea of “top-down” color. “Having a career in the design field, I always appreciate the input of other design professionals,” says Tylock. “Along with making recommendations for the roof, Kate’s suggestion for changing the color of our main entry door validated that the entire home exterior needed to be cohesive. Now we’re working on final touches like lighting sconces and softscaping, and then we’ll have an entirely fresh exterior for our home!”

Tylock also spent time visiting area homes with similar polymer roofing tiles to get an up-close look at DaVinci products, and she used the free online Color Designer tool on the DaVinci website.

“I’m not sure anyone has ever created this custom blend of grays and purples before, but it’s perfect for our home,” says Tylock. “I wouldn’t change a thing about this experience. We now have a roof we can depend on to resist future severe weather along with colors that embrace the full aspect of our home. Thanks to that one hail storm, our house looks better than ever before!”