Homeowner Gravitates to Black Oak Shake

Durable synthetic shake gives these homeowners the aged appearance they love without the maintenance hassles.
It took 30 years for the real cedar roof on Chris Migliaro’s home to get that old, weathered look he really likes. The darkened color that comes with years of moisture, mold and decay. But by the time the roof reached that peak color, it needed to be replaced.

“The functionality of the roof was gone,” says Chris Migliaro, a New Jersey resident. “I didn’t want to start from scratch to get that color. And, most importantly, my wife and I didn’t want to deal with the hassles any longer of a real cedar roof. We did our research and found a better option in composite shake from DaVinci Roofscapes.”

With its copper accents, this durable synthetic shake roof protects the home and boosts its curb appeal. Durable Synthetic Shake Option

The Migliaros were drawn to DaVinci Multi-Width Shake by a number of the product’s features. The realistic shake appearance coupled with the proven durability of the synthetic shakes impressed them.

“Resiliency of DaVinci products is definitely one reason we went with them,” says Migliaro. “We’ve had some significant storms in our area. It’s amazing now to have a roof I can trust and not worry about.

“On that same trust level, the Lifetime Limited Material Warranty is what really sold me on the DaVinci product. To know that we’ll never have to consider another roof again is a huge relief.”

Authentic Black Oak Color

Migliaro may say that the warranty clinched the sale, but we suspect it may have been the color choices that truly had him signing on the dotted line.

“DaVinci gave us a variety of color options,” says Migliaro. “We really wanted to match the darker aged color from our 30-year old roof. When we saw the Black Oak color we knew it was perfect. It’s almost a black bark coloring. A very mature-looking cedar that tells the story of a dark, aged cedar on our home.

“This DaVinci composite roofing has definitely added to the curb appeal of our house. Neighbors are always commenting and people really notice this roof.”

Complexity was no problem for the professionals who installed this new durable synthetic shake roof.

Award-Winning Home

The significant change in the home’s appearance with the new durable synthetic shake roof is one of the reasons why the roofing team for the project, Strober Roofing and Maintenance, has been named as a winner of a 2023 DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Project of the Year Award. The complexity of the roof installation, coupled with the detailed copper work involved in the roof make the project an award winner.

“The Strober team’s professionalism and work quality are amazing,” says Migliaro. “Their communications and flexibility throughout the project were incredible. We’re not surprised at all that they won this prestigious award. We completely believe they deserve it.”

Based in Flemington, New Jersey, Strober Roofing and Maintenance brings more than a decade of experience working with DaVinci products to their projects. The DaVinci Masterpiece Contractors install the composite slate and shake products throughout New Jersey on both residential and commercial projects.

“DaVinci is one of our favorite products to work with,” according to Clint Strober with Strober Roofing and Maintenance. “It has an authentic look and withstands the test of time.

“This is especially true on the Migliaro house. The DaVinci Multi-Width Shake coupled with the detailed copper work on the complex roof design is a great solution for this homeowner.  Once again we’re proud that our team can create a masterpiece on a roof using DaVinci products.”