Homeowner Insights on Selecting Synthetic Slate Roofing

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When Jennifer Mansfield had a gable removed from her roof as part of an exterior home facelift, something didn’t look right. What started as one simple item grew (as most home improvement projects do!) into a major change for her 17-year old North Carolina home.

Read what Mansfield has to say about her journey to finding a synthetic slate roof … and how the team at DaVinci Roofscapes helped her transform the look of her entire home.


Q: You previously had asphalt shingles on your home. How did you come to the realization that you’d have to replace the roof?

A: When we removed the gable, patching the hole wasn’t possible because we wanted the roof to match. Finding the exact same asphalt shingle with 20 years of weathering wasn’t an option. And, rather than replace the front roof (knowing that it wouldn’t match the back half of our house), we decided to replace the entire roof.


Q: That’s a big step. How did you move from asphalt roofing to composite slate roofing?

A: Our architect suggested we choose a more interesting product than asphalt. Slate wasn’t an option because it’s so heavy and our house wasn’t built to withstand such weight. We considered cedar shake but were disappointed with the limited longevity and high expense of cedar. We knew of a home in our neighborhood with a synthetic slate roof that looked beautiful. Upon further investigation, we learned it was by DaVinci Roofscapes and we were intrigued.


Q: What features made you decide to invest in a DaVinci composite roof?

A: It was important to us that it looked and functioned like real slate. We wanted something that would last a lifetime and be maintenance-free.


Q: Katie Theole in DaVinci’s customer service team worked with you. How did she help you with the roofing selection process?

A: Once we selected the DaVinci synthetic slate roof, I agonized over shingle size and color. After studying the DaVinci website, I needed to talk with an expert who could listen to me and help me make the best choice. I called DaVinci and was transferred to Katie. She was very informative and incredibly patient.

We talked many times while I was in the selection process. She and I had several conversations about color and product. She emailed me multiple photos of different products/colors I had expressed interest in.  She provided technical information to help me decide between single-width and multi-width. And she provided addresses of various DaVinci projects in my area for us to visit. She was invaluable in helping me make the best roofing selection for our house.


Q: How did you find out about the free color consult skills of Kate Smith?

A: During my conversations with Katie, I started leaning toward the DaVinci Slate in the European blend. That’s when Katie suggested I speak with Kate to gain her color expertise.


Q:Kate Smith offered you color advice on your home overall and the roof. How helpful was that information? 

A: Kate helped steer me towards a cool to neutral color for our house. We had considered limewashing the brick and she gave us specific advice on colors we were considering and trim/front door color advice as well.


Q: Which parts of Kate’s advice did you decide to take now … and possibly in the future?  

A: We ultimately decided to use an opaque paint rather than limewash the house. We selected Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter for the body and Farrow & Ball Mouse’s Back for the front door. It was helpful as we navigated through the project to refer to Kate’s advice on trim and body color.


Q: Now that the project is finished, how do you feel about the new DaVinci synthetic slate roof … and, especially about the color?

A: We are so glad that we selected the European Blend. It’s the perfect choice for our house. The color looks like the slate used in some of our favorite homes in Charlotte.


Q: And finally, the big vote. What do people have to say about your new roof?  

A: We’ve had very positive feedback from friends, family and neighbors about the roof. It added visual interest and gives our home a grand look. We have friends who are also considering installing DaVinci based on our positive experience. I would encourage anyone considering synthetic slate to choose DaVinci and go for it!