Homeowner Opts for No-Hassle Composite Slate Roof

Midwest winters are hard on roofs. Especially real cedar shakes. Between snowfall and ice melts, you get lots of swelling, cracking and splitting of shingles. As frustrated homeowners declare defeat, roofers like Summit Construction Group arrive with a simple solution: no-hassle composite slate roofing shingles.

“People are amazed at how their roofing headaches can disappear with composite slate and shake products,” says James Lenz with Summit Construction Group out of Edina, Minnesota. “We install about 10 DaVinci Roofscapes projects each year. Each one is a winner. In addition, the homeowners are extremely grateful for the no-hassle, long-term easy care of the composite tiles.”

Thanks to their new, no-hassle composite slate roof, this homeowner no longer worries about harsh Midwest weather's impact on his home.
The Big Switch

One lakeside project recently completed by Summit Construction Group includes a unique transformation. Damage from a storm was the last straw for the homeowner. The crew removed aged, curling real cedar shake shingles.

This homeowner can look forward to low maintenance and peace of mind thanks to their no-hassle composite slate roof.When presented with options, the homeowner decided to completely change the appearance of his roof. He selected DaVinci Single-Width Slate in a European color. He wanted to upgrade from the cedar style and give new life to his home with a no-hassle composite slate roof.

“The DaVinci slate gives this house a high-class look,” says Lenz. “This is a durable product that fits right in with the lakefront setting. Because it has both Class A fire and Class 4 impact ratings, the homeowner won’t have to worry about this roof holding up in the future. There’s also a Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty on the product. The roof he sees today is the roof he’ll see for decades!”

Showcase Roofing Project

The steep slope of this home’s design displays the roof in an exceptional manner. The Summit Construction team pulled together all their talents to add scaffolding to reach the massive chimney. In addition, they had to access many high pitched areas.

“We take pride in all our work,” says Lenz. “This is definitely a showcase project. Whether looking at this home from the water or the land, this house is all about the roof. Our team made this transformation happen with a truly reliable DaVinci product. That’s something we’re all proud of.”