Homeowner Saves $20,000 with Composite Roof

Looking to save money on a new roof? Then consider composite roofing materials. Bruce and Debbie Watley saved about $20,000 by purchasing a DaVinci Roofscapes composite shake roof instead of real wood shakes.

“There were many factors that led us to choose DaVinci Shake composite tiles,” says Debbie Watley, a homeowner in Harrisburg, South Dakota. “One of those is definitely cost. Replacing a roof in not a fun expenditure. Therefore, it’s important to invest your money wisely.”

During their roof search, the Watleys discovered that good quality real cedar shakes would have cost them about $20,000 more than the DaVinci Shakes.

“We were really surprised,” says Watley. “In addition, our State Farm insurance company committed to giving us a minimum of 20% discount on our yearly premiums if we use the composite shakes. That’s because the DaVinci composite shake roofing tiles are rated Class A fire and Class 4 impact resistant. Those cost savings really make a difference!”

Cost Savings

Farewell Real Cedar

The real cedar roof on the Watley home was installed in the 1990’s, when the house was built. Bruce and Debbie “inherited” the roof when they bought the home in 2017.

Aging and problems with the cedar shakes had the homeowners searching for a solution. They went to a local home show and met Jason Mathiesen with MLC Construction. The next step was for Mathiesen to evaluate the roof.

“I did a full inspection of the roof including pictures of their problem areas,” says Mathiesen, president of MLC Construction, Inc. in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. “The real cedar shakes were in bad shape. They definitely needed a new roof.

“I recommended the DaVinci product because I believe it’s a good option for them. The composite product costs less than the traditional real wood shakes. They also have the benefits of no curling, rotting, fading or splitting. Above all, they’ll get a long lifespan with the composite shakes.”

According to Bruce and Debbie, they chose MLC Construction due to the thoroughness of their bidding process.

“After Jason inspected our roof he showed us pictures of the problem areas,” says Watley. “But he went further. He pointed out our inadequate ventilation system. Then he gave us quotes on three different products we requested. In addition, he was there to answer many of our questions.”

Slam Dunk for HOA Approval

Mathiesen started by introducing the Watleys to DaVinci composite roofing products. He set up a visit to a former customer who had DaVinci Shake installed several years ago.

“The customer and her husband were still thrilled with their roofing choice,” says Watley. “That helped us feel more comfortable in changing our roofing materials to composite shake.”

Even though the Watleys were ready to proceed, they first had to gain approval from their homeowners association.

“Our HOA requires real cedar shake shingles on homes,” says Watley. “We met with the HOA board and presented our quotes and showed samples of DaVinci Shake tiles. We talked about the warranty and expanded lifespan of the composite shakes. Then we shared the good news about the insurance discount we would receive.”

Fitting In, Not Standing OutCost Savings

After the board members agreed to allow DaVinci composite roofing, the Watleys selected the Tahoe color of DaVinci Shake.

“With our house being the first in the neighborhood to install these composite tiles, we paid special attention to the color choice,” says Watley. “Our goal was to have the color of our roof blend in with the rest of the neighborhood. We actually want people to drive by and not notice it’s different than other roofs.

“The Tahoe color is neither too dark nor too light. It perfectly blends in with both the cool and warm colors on our home exterior.

“Many neighbors have commented on how realistic the DaVinci Shake looks. Some are considering the product for their own homes. Perhaps the greatest complement happened at a recent association meeting. One of our neighbors was actually surprised to learn that our roof shingles were not real wood!”

Not Just About Cost

The Watleys weighed many factors before selecting composite shake rooing for their home.

“Product longevity is very important to us,” says Watley. “It feels good to know our DaVinci roof will protect our house for the rest of our lifetime.

“We’re also thankful that the composite shakes will look the same in 20 years as they do today. They add to the curb appeal of our home. In addition, we will never again have to worry about cracked shakes, mildew, insect infestations or rotting wood.

“It’s a true pleasure now to see raindrops roll down the new roof and into the gutter. The rain is no longer soaking into the old cedar shakes causing deterioration. That’s a true feeling of satisfaction. We’ve definitely found our forever roof.”