Homeowner Selects Composite Slate for Two Homes

composite slate roofing Keith Minor knows a thing or two about roofs — specifically about the machines used to create gutters for roofs. As part of the second generation to run KWM Gutterman, Inc., Minor understands that product quality is key in manufacturing. That’s one of the primary reasons why he’s selected DaVinci Roofscapes composite slate roofing his two homes.

“Building the highest quality gutter machines is in the DNA of our family,” says Minor, COO of KWM Gutterman, Inc. “We’re recognized as the largest manufacturer and number one seller of Gutter Machines in the USA.

“That same drive toward excellence had me searching for a roofing material with top-quality performance and appearance. I found it in DaVinci.”

Asphalt? Metal? Composite Slate!

For Minor’s retreat in Lake of the Ozarks, Mo., he wasn’t happy with the asphalt shingles on his lakefront home. In particular, the color did nothing to set off his house.

He decided on a metal roof, but changed his mind. “I didn’t like the looks of the metal roof,” says Minor. “So, I researched the options and decided on the DaVinci composite slate roof.”

Impressive Composite Slate Roofing

slate roof

Minor chose the DaVinci Single-Width Slate roof in a Slate Gray color. He had Black and White Roofing of Lake Ozark, Mo. do the job.

“With DaVinci, I finally found a dependable roof in a color that really complements this house,” says Minor. “The composite roofing looks so much better than asphalt tiles. This is a different style. And, the color options were great. Now I have a roof that really aesthetically matches the house and there’s no maintenance!”

DaVinci Slate Times Two

Minor is so impressed with the DaVinci roofing that he plans to use it again — on his full-time residence in Illinois.

“The bottom line is I found a quality roof and I want to use it again,” says Minor. “The asphalt slate roof on my main residence is in fair condition.

“I’m investing in another quality composite slate roof because I’ve discovered a winning product — and I want to stay with it!”