Homeowners Swap Out Cedar Shakes for Synthetic Single-Width Slate

There’s about 30 miles distance between Lake Forest and Oak Brook, Illinois. However, there’s no distance in the mindset of two homeowners interested in switching from their aging cedar shake roofs to easy-care DaVinci Single-Width Slate tiles.

In both cases, JnJ Restorations performed the work that transformed the appearance of the homes. And more than that, by installing synthetic single-width slate they gave the homeowners peace-of-mind from storms and excitement about their long-term durable roofs.

After a hail storm damaged the previous roof, DaVinci synthetic single-width slate now protects this home.
Hail Ruins Wood Shakes

In Oak Brook, Brahmam Gandham’s 30-year-old home had real cedar shakes in fair condition. Then a hail storm hit. The powerful storm damaged not only the roof, but his confidence in the wooden shakes to protect his home.

“We were ready to invest in a roof that required no maintenance and could stand up to wind, fire and hail,” says Gandham. “Some of our neighbors had the DaVinci product installed and were very pleased. After living with the wood shakes, we were ready for a hassle-free roof.”

Gandham was also ready to change up the look of his roof. When Jason Chase, owner of the company, and the team from JnJ Restoration came by, they discussed switching to a slate tile.

“This roofing team was knowledgeable, honest and answered all our questions,” says Gandham. “They helped us select the DaVinci Single-Width Slate in a Smokey Gray color that beautifully complements our home.

“The roofer even checked with our insurance company to determine that we would be getting a discount on our homeowners insurance. That’s because the new DaVinci roofing has such high ratings for fire and impact resistance. This brings us great peace of mind.

“We always used to worry when there was a big wind or rain. No more. The new synthetic slate roof gives our home a refined look and we’re getting complements on it. We’re exceptionally pleased with the DaVinci product, the roofer and our decision to switch to the composite slate product!”

This homeowner is very pleased with their decision to switch from cedar shake to DaVinci Synthetic Single-Width Slate.
Making the Switch

Just 40 minutes away in Lake Forest, Brent Engelberg and his family are also excited that they “made the switch” from real cedar to synthetic single-width slate.

“The cedar shake roof was 22 years old,” says Engelberg. “Some shingles were popping off. The roof was rapidly looking worse by each season. Small leaks were starting to be a problem. It was definitely time for a replacement.”

Engelberg did what Gandham did, he contacted JnJ Restoration. When he asked about a slate roof option, Chase didn’t hesitate to recommend the DaVinci product.

“We have a lot of homeowners in the same situation,” says Chase. “They purchase a great home, but the roof they ‘inherit’ is aging poorly. When it’s time to finally replace it, they want an upgrade that both protects and enhances their home. In both cases, DaVinci fits the bill.”

Searching for Slate Option

Engelberg specifically knew what he required from a new roof.

“I wanted the beauty of a slate roof,” says Engelberg. “I didn’t understand why a cedar shake roof was so costly in the first place. In our climate they deteriorate so predictably, I don’t understand why they’re continually used. To me, it just didn’t make sense to replace the roof with the same thing — something that I knew would not stand the test of time.”

So Engelberg became another convert to synthetic slate. After Chase’s team tacked up several sample boards on this old roof, he chose the European blend of colors. This beautiful blend features Light Gray, Dark Gray, Medium Gray and Dark Purple.

“We’re continually receiving compliments on the roof from neighbors and friends,” says Engelberg. “We’re excited about the outcome. And, with the Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty, we hope the performance will be so strong that we won’t have to deal with this again anytime in the future!”