I used Single-Width Slate to accentuate my roof

I purchased a newly constructed home in 2009. I am a Senior Project Manager in the University Architect’s Office at the University of Notre Dame. Needless to say, my tastes and expectations of a home are above average after working on and being a part of the design of the magnificent facilities throughout campus. I struggled with the idea of constructing a new home, when I ran across a home for sale that had beautiful architectural design, and aesthetics located in the middle of Michigan’s major wine vineyards; however, I remember visualizing at the time how much better it could be, and was willing to make these upgrades through time. I have spent the past few years on landscape improvements, and interior work such as high profile moldings, and premium finishes. This year, I took care of the most magnificent improvement to date which was replacement of the roof.

The home is only 7 years old, but the typical architectural asphalt shingles prevalent in the Midwest as standard for residential style homes, had already started to show signs of mildew streaking and hail damage. I replaced the roof with the DaVinci synthetic slate tiles due to my roof structure weight design limits. To accentuate the roof, I used copper details such as valleys; step flashings; eave and rake trim, and also included snow guards; the transformation of the home was incredible! I distinctly remember people would randomly drive by slowly, even stopping on occasion to ask whey type of roof I was installing; not to mention my neighbors walking by every day to see the progress.

Attached are a few before and after photos of the home. Not only is the roof a showpiece of the home, but the mindset that I will never have to replace this roof in my lifetime is an immeasurable benefit. Since I am also a Register Roof Consultant, and a LEED Accredited professional, I wanted a roof that would identify my design abilities showcasing how you can really make a roof stand out; not to mention adding a sustainability factor. Next on the list is installing a brick and stone veneer façade which will finish the exterior improvements, and compliment the roof.

Thank you for offering such a magnificent product! I truly do not believe the pictures even give the home the justice it deserves when you can see the dimensions, shadow lines and details up close and personal.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tony Polotto, LEED® AP BD&C, RRC, RRO
Berrien Springs, Michigan