Imitation Slate Roof in Evergreen Color on Wisconsin Home

The Multi-Width imitation slate roof on this 1950s-era home complements its style beautifully.
Not many homes can carry off an Evergreen-colored roof. But the brick home belonging to the Collar family does so with grace and style.

The DaVinci Multi-Width Slate roof stands tall and proud atop the Appleton, Wisconsin, home. It was installed in a staggered pattern by the roofing team at DuraShield.

“The homeowner wanted to take this home back to what it looked like when it was built in the 1950s,” says Alex Walsh with DuraShield. “Between the copper accents, the new DaVinci roof and snow guards, we were able to achieve that goal.”

Authentic-Looking Roof

The journey started when the roof’s old asphalt shingles started failing. Wind damage and bad roofing material started decaying. After an online search the homeowner found several roofing options.

He was searching for something to add more curb appeal to his house. Most importantly, he was looking for a slate alternative. While natural slate would be too heavy for the roof assembly, a lighter weight faux slate would be ideal. However he needed an authentic looking imitation slate.

“We’ve installed DaVinci products since 2015,” says Walsh. “This product is very realistic looking. Once we met with Mr. Collar, we were able to convince him that DuraShield and DaVinci had the look, weight and lead time he needed. We started the product soon afterwards.”

Lasting Product

Up on the roof, the DuraShield team focused on following the manufacturer’s pattern for the staggered installation. The result was a stunning roof transformation.

“This roof is the talk of the neighborhood,” says Walsh. “We had neighbors watching our every move. They were looking at our progress closely. The new look on the roof really captured their attention.”

The finished project warrants a second look by everyone. The Evergreen imitation slate roof tiles mimic the look from the 1950s. However, they’re made to withstand today’s weather conditions. Rated Class A for fire resistance and Class 4 for impact resistance, they can stand up to winds of 110 mph.

“One of the reasons we install so many DaVinci roofs is their durability,” says Walsh. “These imitation slate tiles won’t crack, break or chip. They resist fading in the sun. Plus, DaVinci provides a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty. What’s better than that to show a company truly stands behind their products!”