Impact-Resistant DaVinci Roof Selected for Oklahoma City Country Club

The motto of Mallard Construction says it all … “because Oklahoma weather happens.” And, as everyone knows, that weather can include strong winds and hail a good portion of the year. That’s the number one reason that Concert Golf Partners went searching for a new designer roof for their clubhouse right after they acquired Gaillardia Golf and Country Club in Oklahoma City earlier this year.

“The new owners wanted 600 squares of a Class 4 impact-resistant roof system to replace the concrete tiles on their 15-year old country club,” says Andy Lacks, vice president of commercial roofing with Mallard Construction out of Oklahoma City, Okla. “Concert Golf Partners expressed an interest to us in finding a durable lightweight roofing system that would fit the high-end neighborhood surrounding the Gaillardia Country Club while withstanding severe weather.

“We’ve installed the DaVinci Roofscapes product before in several Oklahoma locations with great success. So, our confident recommendation was the DaVinci Slate Black impact-resistant tiles for this job. We love this product because every time we’ve installed DaVinci it quickly becomes a centerpiece roof in a community and almost always results in creating several referrals for our company.”

The elegant 55,000-square foot, three-level clubhouse at Gaillardia Country Club has a French Normandy design style and features state-of-the-art meeting rooms, a fitness center, a wine room and an extensive learning center.

Bellaforte Slate
“The clubhouse was opened the same year we started our family-owned business and the same year DaVinci Roofscapes was launched,” says Lacks. “Coincidence? I don’t think so. Instead, I think it’s a trifecta of excellence that has come together in a unique way.”