Leap of Faith …Times Two

Tony Melita’s 25-year old asphalt shingle roof was done. It was brittle. It had missing granules. After that, the fiber mat was exposed. But before Melita upgraded to enjoy the benefits of composite slate roof strength, the Virginia homeowner had to make two leaps of faith.

Leap #1

Melita’s first leap was hiring Scott Kim’s new roofing company, WGM Contracting. While Kim has 11 years experience installing DaVinci roofs on award-winning projects, this was his first solo job.

“Tony knew I had just started my own company,” says Kim. “It was new and small. But he believed in my experience and reputation. DaVinci helped me build my credibility in the marketplace. I was ready to put all that to work for Tony.”

composite slate tile strength and aesthetics complement this complex roof

Leap #2

When considering his replacement roofing options, Melita asked for Kim’s recommendation. Given his previous experiences, Kim suggested DaVinci Single-Width Slate. Impact- and fire-resistant, the composite tiles are made of virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers. There’s also a highly specialized fire retardant. Each 12-inch wide tile is ½” thick. Modeled from actual slate, the tiles have a natural, non-repeating beauty. Above all, they are backed by a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty.

“This homeowner had solid information on DaVinci products when I first met him,” says Kim. “However, he was debating between the DaVinci products.

“I asked him what his goal was. He said he wanted stronger shingles. I told him to turn over the two different shingles. Both are good tiles, but the DaVinci Single-Width is a masterpiece of engineering. There’s a baffle system of vertical webbing on the back. This makes the tile stronger. Therefore it will not curl, split or crack years down the road.”

Factoring in what he learned about composite slate roof strength, Melita made his second leap of faith. He followed Kim’s recommendation. He selected a Smokey Gray color in the DaVinci Single-Width tile.

Up on the Roof

Having two dormers on the front slope of the Melita home makes the roof installation challenging. There is a roof pitch of 18/12, at nearly a 60-65 degree angle. Dormers require more attention to detail, cutting the shingles at the valley. Roofline cuts must be precisely aligned.

“The design of this home is perfect for a slate roof,” says Kim. “The steep pitch with the dormers and adjoining ‘A’ gables create a complex roof that is enhanced by slate aesthetics. Installing composite slate DaVinci on this home was a brilliant decision.

“I’m proud this is my company’s first DaVinci project. In addition, I’m grateful Tony had the faith in my skills to transform his home.”

Trust in Roofer

Looking up at the completed project, Melita is very pleased. “Scott’s pricing was very competitive,” says Melita. “He had great references. I liked his honesty, sincerity and knowledge of the roofing industry, and of DaVinci products and its installation in particular.

“The WGM Contracting team was very hardworking. They did first-class work. They paid outstanding attention to every detail on this project.

“The DaVinci roof absolutely adds to my property’s curb appeal. I couldn’t be more pleased. Without hesitation, I will recommend both DaVinci roofing materials and WGM Contracting to my friends and neighbors in the future!”