Logging Family Chooses Composite Shake Roofing for Home

Myrtle Siebert grew up in the logging industry as the granddaughter of a hand logger in British Columbia. She married a man who dreamt of having his own logging company. She saw that dream come true. With decades of being surrounded by (and loving) real wood, what did she choose for her home’s roof? Composite shake shingles from DaVinci Roofscapes!

Custom Roofing Composite Shake Roofing

“We used the best hand-split wood shakes anyone could have on our home originally,” says Siebert, who resides near Victoria in Canada.  “The cedar shakes we previously used in 1991 were taken from our contract logging area and delivered right to our home.

“That quality of cedar simply is not available anymore. Plus, I’m aware that they’re a distinct fire hazard for homes.”

Mission Accomplished

When it came time for Siebert to reroof her home, she and her son did their homework. They visited local builder supply businesses. Then struck gold when they hired Custom Roofing, Inc. to do the job.

“Caleb and his team confirmed what we already knew,” says Siebert. “That is that composite shake from DaVinci isthe product for my home. I chose the style and color of the composite shakes carefully so that the new fake cedar shakes would look like the real cedar roof we had previously. Mission accomplished.”

With the support of the team at Custom Roofing, Siebert was able to get the roof she wanted.

Custom Roofing Composite Shake Roofing

“She definitely wanted to maintain the look and feel of the thick wood shakes that the house had on it previously,” says Caleb Friesen, owner of Custom Roofing, Inc. “The idea of longevity and consistent appearance truly appealed to this homeowner. The selection of DaVinci Shake in the Tahoe color blend really complements the design of this house.”

Made of pure virgin resin, UV and thermal stabilizers plus a highly-specialized fire retardant, DaVinci products are created to resemble natural slate and shake products.  The composite roofs resist fading, rotting and cracking. Also pests, high winds, hail and fire. The realistic-looking roofing tiles stand up to weather challenges while requiring minimal maintenance.

Creating Great Curb Appeal

For her part, Siebert was intimately involved in the re-roofing process.

“I had been directly involved in building this home back in 1991, plus several others over the years,” says Siebert. “I love doing the planning and design work. Caleb was delightfully communicative. And,  his team of workers was fabulous.”

Custom Roofing Composite Shake Roofing

Despite interruptions of pelting rain, snow obliterating the drawn lines and slippery conditions causing work stoppages, the team from Custom Roofing was careful and dedicated to the reroofing process. “Through all conditions they picked up nails before they left each day and in the months since their leaving I have found only two nails,” says Siebert. “That must be a record for such a big job!

“This roof gives me confidence. As much as I love wood, I no longer have to worry about maintaining a real cedar shake roof. The DaVinci composite shake is the best possible option I could find for staying as close to real wood on our roof.”