Maintenance-Free Synthetic Shake Roof Ideal for Family Getaway

Rena and Sean James are planners. When they purchased lakeside property from his parents in 2020, they had intentions to remodel the existing house. Then plans changed. They decided to build a completely new structure on the lot with a Chalet style.

“Our goal right now is to use the new home seasonally,” says Sean James. “When our young children leave for college, the long-term plan is to retire in this house.”

Realistic-Looking ShakeSeasonal Home Maintenance Free Roof

To get the “just right” home design they wanted, James and his wife did a great deal of research. When it came to selecting a roof, they chose a DaVinci Multi-Width Shake in the Black Oak color. The composite shake roof is Class 4 impact and Class A fire rated.

“After researching the various manufacturers, we decided the DaVinci product had the most realistic look to it,” says James. “It was also important to us that this roof requires no maintenance. Above all, when we’re at the lake we want to enjoy our time there, not hassle with roof problems.”

Eye-Catching Roof

As the house took shape, the team from Michael C. Graham & Son Construction came in to install the composite shake roof. They’ve installed DaVinci products before, and were able to complete the project within several weeks.

“The roofer did an excellent job,” says James. “Michael was very professional and easy to work with. Most importantly, the roof looks amazing. It’s definitely the first thing people are drawn to when seeing our home for the first time. The Black Oak coloring looks very authentic.

“This DaVinci roof adds an element of architectural design to an area of the home which is typically overlooked. We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to invest in a DaVinci roof.”