Making Good Bones Better

Does your house have “good bones?” The Nuzzo home in Illinois does. However, their bones had become “brittle” when it came to their real cedar roof.

“Our home is 26 years old,” says PJ Nuzzo. “The cedar shingles had deteriorated badly. We were tired of throwing money, time and effort at maintaining them. That’s why we invested in DaVinci composite shakes.”

Time for a ChangeGood Bones

As Nuzzo looked at other homes in his neighborhood, he noticed natural-looking cedar simulated shake roofs that are holding up well. That’s when he contacted Cedar Roofing Company to find out more about the composite shakes.

“When we first inspected the Nuzzo home we saw a lot of deterioration on the real cedar shingles,” says Keith MacNaught with Cedar Roofing Company out of Lake Forest, Illinois. “In the Chicagoland area there are some rough weather conditions. We see that standard, medium half-inch real shake roofs only last about 20 years.

“Despite maintenance efforts, you have to be careful. Due to UV rays, south and west exposures deteriorate faster than north and east exposures. This can result in true cedar shakes being at different stages of deterioration on a roof. It’s a bad situation to get into.”

Expert Installation

The good news is that the Nuzzo home has plenty of potential — great bones.

Up on the roof, the Cedar Roofing Company crew expertly handled the installation. “The crew that did this project has been with us for more than 30 years,” says MacNaught. “We don’t subcontract out our work, so we have full control of the project from start to finish. These guys are expert craftsmen at installing roofs. That makes a big difference when tackling a home as special as the Nuzzo house.

“The combination of gables and hips that accent the stone, plus the wood siding are all appealing. The gable end returns are a nice detail. With the addition of the Mountain color DaVinci Shake roof from DaVinci, the house now ‘pops’ with curb appeal. The three shades of brown tones on the roof form a great contrast to the lighter stone and siding.”

Good Bones

Happy Homeowners

Made with virgin resins and UV stabilizers, DaVinci roofing products are backed by a Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty. The roof resists impact, fire and insects. It also resists rotting, cracking and color fading.

“We wanted a roof with minimal maintenance and a long warranty,” says Nuzzo. “That’s exactly what we got, plus so much more. We now have a durable roof that gives us peace-of-mind. It has added to the overall look of our home.”

The Big Reveal

Once complete, the new roof now shines a positive spotlight on the Nuzzo home.

“This is a huge transformation,” says MacNaught. “The previous roof looked worn out. Pieces were coming off.  Now the house looks fresh. There’s a consistency of color throughout the entire roof that’s extremely appealing.

“PJ knew he wanted to get away from natural cedar. He wants a roof to last his lifetime without worries. DaVinci is the obvious choice.”