Most Durable Roof Material Stands Up to Hail Storms

Switching to impact-resistant composite roofing gave this homeowner peace of mind and improved their home's curb appeal in the process.

Unfortunately dealing with hail-damaged roofs is nothing new for Born Carpentry in Andover, Minnesota. That’s because there’s lots of severe weather in Minnesota. They know the routine.

Step 1: Provide a free inspection to a homeowner.

Step 2: Help homeowner file a claim.

Step 3: Meet with insurance adjuster.

Step 4: Restore the property.

It’s Step 4 that really makes the most difference for the homeowner. That’s because decisions and solutions are made in Step 4. Does the homeowner replace with the same roofing product they previously had — and risk the same damage again — or upgrade to a more durable roofing product?

Impact-Resistant Composite Roofing Option

After a recent hail storm damaged the roof on his 34-year-old home, David Cody turned to Born Carpentry for assistance. He went through the four steps. When it came to Step 4, he took a breath.

“My contractor provided me with alternatives,” says Cody. “I was really intrigued by the shape of the DaVinci Single-Width Slate composite roofing tiles. I thought they could enhance the look of my home. And, I found out they are impact-resistant, so I wouldn’t have to worry about hail damage in the future.”

This impact-resistant composite roofing provides year-round severe weather protection and curb appeal. Cody worked with Jesse Born, Project Manager at Born Carpentry to get his roof replaced. The team installed the DaVinci Single-Width Slate tiles in a Slate Gray color to complement the brick exterior of the home.

“David wanted to differentiate his house from other homes in his community,” says Born. “He’s successfully done that with this DaVinci roof. We also added Alpine SnowGuards to help move the snow off the composite slate roof in the wintertime. Now David’s house really stands out as a showpiece in the neighborhood.”

Composite Roof Adds Curb Appeal

From Cody’s standpoint, the silver lining to the dark cloud is that the hail damage gave him the opportunity to upgrade the look of his home with impact-resistant composite roofing.

“The DaVinci composite slate roof greatly enhances my home’s curb appeal,” says Cody. “It adds significant value to my property. Frankly, friends and neighbors stand back at street level. They look in awe at the change in my home brought about by the roof!

“I’m very happy that I chose Born Carpentry. They were approachable, professional and knowledgeable. And, I’m especially happy that I accepted their recommendation on the ultimate composite slate roof provided by DaVinci.”