Composite Slate Roof Gives House a Facelift

It’s said that one year of a dog’s life equals seven years for humans. Have you ever wondered what type of rule applies for a home exterior?

Within the span of a year most houses are subjected to searing sun, torrential rains, strong winds and sometimes hail and snow. Surely a house that’s been around for 35 years, like the one owned by Gail and Carl Hefton, has a story to tell.

“We’ve been in this house for 16 years and love it,” says Gail Hefton, a Dallas homeowner. “Our children and grandchildren love it.  However, over the past few years hail has been the culprit in roof damage.”

As a result of the family’s previous roofing product being no longer available, the Heftons contacted their insurance company to request a new roof. “Our insurance company was great and agreed to replace our roof,” says Hefton. “That’s when we spoke with Elite Roofing and Restoration Services and discovered the DaVinci composite slate product.”

Going for the Win

composite slateBased in Dallas, with Elite Roofing and Restoration Services jumped at the chance to help transform the look of the Hefton home with an impact-resistant roof.

“We’ve found that the DaVinci product is the best performing composite product in our region,” says Josh Sutton, president of with Elite Roofing and Restoration Services. “The aesthetics, color selection and Class 4 impact rating make the DaVinci product a win-win for both our clients and for us.”

For the Hefton home, Sutton and his crew installed a DaVinci Single-Width Slate product in the European blend. Resistant to impact, fire, hail, high winds and insects, the synthetic slate roof is definitely a win for the home.

“As a contractor I can stand behind this product with the highest level of professional confidence,” says Sutton. “I know the DaVinci roof will perform extremely well for the long term.”

Double Win

For the Heftons, it was a double win. Above all, they gained a reliable synthetic roof that has transformed the look of their home exterior. The bonus was working with the Elite team.

“Josh and the entire with Elite Roofing and Restoration Services crew have been delightful to work with on this project,” says Hefton. “They did what they said they would do, were diligent and very professional. They kept our property clean during the entire process. It was a great experience working with them.”

The end result?

“We love the DaVinci roof!” says Hefton. “We’ve received many compliments on it. We’d definitely tell friends and neighbors that we love this roofing product and our roofer. We’re extremely pleased with the end result.”