New Synthetic Shake Roofs at Sunrise Ridge Condos

In Montana, cedar siding and roofing blend in with the mountains. The look is great, but real cedar takes a beating from the area’s harsh weather conditions. The solution? Synthetic shake roofing that mimics the appearance of real cedar. At Sunrise Ridge Condos in Big Sky, MT, there are 14 duplexes, 10 triplexes and a clubhouse spread out over 100 acres. Over time, real cedar deteriorated on the roofs of the 58 homes.

Owners wanted the look of the cedar they loved, but not the hassles. That’s when they decided to invest in synthetic shake roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes.

Roofs Face Tough Conditions

“Our community wanted a roofing product with a long life and warranty,” says Charles Dubroff, the association’s lead board of directors member on the re-roofing project. “We also wanted positive environmental aspects and fire-resistancy.

An eagle-eye view of Tahoe's new DaVinci roof from up in that big, big Montana sky

“Our condos are in an area with extreme climate conditions. That’s tough on roofs.”

Roof Top Solutions came in to assist residents at the Sunrise Ridge Condo Association. They set up a trial with DaVinci synthetic shake products on several buildings. The result? The composite roofing held up well to environmental conditions. After that, the team moved forward to install the DaVinci synthetic shake roofing in a Tahoe color on all the condos and the clubhouse.

“This is an extensive project,” says Dubroff. “Roof Top Solutions was respectful of our properties and very responsive to our needs.”

Snow Safety

The DaVinci Multi-Width Shake tiles installed at Sunrise Ridge Condos beautifully accent the wood and brick structures. Since the roofing is both Class A fire and Class 4 impact rated, residents can sleep easier at night.

More of that incredible DaVinci roof over at Tahoe. Man, Montana is great.

And, to help owners truly enjoy life more, the team at Roof Top Solutions thought ahead to winter weather conditions. They installed snow breaks, snow guards, a state-of-the-art snow melt system, snow clips and bridges on the units.

“When our residents are here they don’t want to think about the snow on their roofs … just on the mountains,” says Dubroff. “I couldn’t be happier about our choice of roofing companies or roofing products.

“Our Sunrise Ridge Condo Association especially liked the warranty of the DaVinci products plus their fire-resistancy. We live in an area with extreme climate conditions. We’re looking at these roofs lasting us many decades.”