No Damage to DaVinci Roofs After 100+ Hailstorms

Oklahoma's hailstorm alley is no match for an impact-resistant roof made from DaVinci composite slate or shake.
Between 2015 and 2023, lists 105 hail events in the Oklahoma City area. Some of these storms had hail almost 3” in diameter.

Jim Bowers and his family don’t care. Neither do Allen and Debbie Clark. Why? Because both families trusted their roofer and invested in a Class 4 impact-resistant roof from DaVinci Roofscapes about a decade ago.

Slate and Shake Substitutes

“We were in a never-ending pattern of hailstorms,” says homeowner Jim Bowers of Oklahoma City. “Our home had composition roofing. I was just tired of messing with the roof damage. When I asked McRay Roofing & Exteriors for a solution, they told me about DaVinci Single-Width Slate roofing.”

Across town in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma, the Clark family was building their new home in 2015. They knew right from the start that they wanted an impact roof with a shake look. “I didn’t want to take care of a roof or worry about storms,” says Allen Clark. “My DaVinci Multi-Width Shake roof is a staple of the house.

“I have never felt as though my roof could withstand anything that is thrown at it until I came across DaVinci. My house not only feels secure structurally, but also financially because I know my investment with DaVinci will last a long time.”

Even after repeated hailstorms, this composite shake, impact-resistant roof shows no sign of wear and tear.Investing in the Right Roof … and Roofer

These insights from Bowers and Clark come almost 10 years — and more than 100 hailstorms — after their impact-resistant roofs were first installed. Both homeowners say they’ve had no issues with dents or impacts on the composite slate and shake tiles despite repeated hail activity over the years.

“This roof has handled hailstorms very well,” says Bowers. “Aesthetically it’s 1000% better than our original composition roof, especially with the style of our home. We owe a great deal to McRay Roofing & Exteriors; I can’t recommend them enough!”

The same sentiments are shared by Allen Clark about both his roof and the dedicated installation team.

“I’m thrilled that our decision to invest in DaVinci has aged so well over the years,” says Clark. “In addition, McRay Roofing & Exteriors is the top of what the industry has to offer. I highly recommend them both with the utmost honor.”

Impact-Resistant Roof Benefits

What could make testimonials like these even better? For the homeowners it’s two things. First, the year-after-year discounts they receive on their homeowner insurance. And second, their ability to recommend their favorite roofers to friends and family.

“It’s gratifying to continually hear from past customers who are so pleased with their DaVinci roofs,” says Jeff McRay, president of McRay Roofing & Exteriors, LLC. “We have a lot of storms that roll through Oklahoma during the Spring and Fall. Many times carrying big hail stones with them.

“DaVinci tiles by far are the best at withstanding damage from hail. With deductibles as high as they’ve ever been, homeowners can feel comfortable that their DaVinci roof will probably never need to be replaced.

“There’s not a Class 4 material on the market today that brings out what we do best, better than DaVinci. Their products make it so much easier for us to bring beauty to the homeowner. DaVinci is our number one material to use when safety, style and class are of utmost importance.”

These Oklahoma homeowners, who were also tired of holding their breath during hailstorms, found peace of mind by switching to an impact-resistant roof from DaVinci.