Synthetic Shake Saves Sanity of Seattle Homeowners

Tony and Kathy Provenzo built their home in 1989 with a real cedar roof. When it wore out, they replaced it with another real cedar roof. Recently, when the second roof wore out, they’d had enough. They made the switch to a no-maintenance synthetic shake roof from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“We love the look of cedar shakes on our house,” says Washington state homeowner Tony Provenzo. “However, we did not like the ongoing maintenance. Nor did we like the limited lifespan of real cedar shake roofs. For more than 30 years the upkeep has been non-stop. At this point, we want the roof we put on to be the very last roof we purchase.”

After replacing two shake roofs, these homeowners decided to switch to no-maintenance synthetic shake.
No-Maintenance Synthetic Shake

As Provenzo and his wife, Kathy, did their research, they investigated everything from metal shake roofing to slate and synthetic shake. After being impressed with composite roofs on homes at a local golf course, they were ready to learn more. That’s when Kenny Jobe, owner of Legacy Roofing Northwest, introduced them to DaVinci Roofscapes.

This no-maintenance synthetic shake roof by DaVinci provides the authentic look of slate without the expensive maintenance. “Where the Provenzos live is a neighborhood primarily with old cedar shake roofing,” says Jobe. “It’s also approved for premium composition roofing. However, the Provenzos want to stay with the cedar shake look.

“I showed them DaVinci Shake samples. We install up to 15 of these roofs each year. Once I quoted them several options in the DaVinci product line, and compared them to premium composition tiles, they were sold on the DaVinci Multi-Width Shake. They really like the look of the composite product. Most importantly, the longevity of the DaVinci Shakes made an impression on them when compared to both real cedar shakes and composition roofing.”

According to Jobe, the homeowners made a smart decision. “DaVinci is a good investment,” says Jobe. “Especially for homeowners in the Northwest. Both the DaVinci Shake and Slate products have a realistic appearance. They can definitely hold up to our weather conditions. When compared to natural cedar shakes or composition, DaVinci will outperform both in our climate.”

When these homeowners switched to no-maintenance synthetic shake they gained peace of mind as well as home value.

Reliable Roofer Delivers

With the roofing decision made, the Legacy Roofing NW team got to work. At the same time, the Provenzos said farewell to cedar shake headaches.

“The Legacy Roofing Northwest team was respectful of our property and did a great job,” says Provenzo. “I’ve already recommended them to others in our neighborhood. They were honest, fair and upfront about the pricing. We wanted a good product, put on by a reputable company. We feel we received both.”

Landscaping Enhances Home

Now that the Autumn color of DaVinci Multi-Width Shake roofing is installed overhead, the Provenzos are focused on landscaping to accent their home. They recently added a three-tiered waterfall, stone patio area, putting green, new plants and shrubs. The home exterior was also painted after the no-maintenance synthetic shake roof was added.

“My wife is a wonderful gardener,” says Provenzo. “She derives pleasure from her flowers, gardens and the lawn. The value of our home has increased tremendously with the addition of the new roof. Add to that the enhanced landscaping and the hot Seattle area housing market, and we’re sitting on a gem of a home.

“More importantly, our home’s value has increased to us personally. It’s now a place to relax without worrying about roof maintenance. We can have friends and family over in our own beautifully landscaped sanctuary.”