Not all Composite Roofing is the Same

During the past ten years, Jim Simpson discovered what many people have found out: not all composite roofing is the same.

composite roofing

The Pennsylvania homeowner had a composite roof on his 10-year-old home that was not performing well. The roofing tiles had cracks and pieces were falling off. Almost 10 percent of the tiles were curling. Because of the failure of the tiles, when bad weather occurred, the roof underlayment was exposed to the elements.

As Simpson reviewed his options, he knew it was time to replace his failing roof.

“I liked the idea of a composite roof, but I needed to find a product that would truly last,” says Simpson. “My local DaVinci Roofscapes representative came to my home. He brought samples of the synthetic slate product, warranty information and explained that the product was made in the U.S.A.

“Then he told me about the low maintenance, impact- and fire-resistance and aesthetic appeal of these composite roofing shingles. Put together, those things all sold me on the DaVinci Single-Width Slate tiles we selected.”

Up On the Roof

With the product chosen, the next step was getting the old product down, and the new composite roofing up.

Jeff Marmelstein Roofing tackled the job, bringing new life to the Federal Colonial style home.

“Compared to real slate, the DaVinci product is lighter in weight and fairly easy to install,” says Marmelstein. “The look is very authentic to natural slate. And the Lifetime Limited Warranty on materials means this family won’t ever again have to worry about roof problems.”

composite roofing

The Look of Slate

Some homes were created with the promise of a slate roof in mind. DaVinci’s Single-Width Slate delivers on that promise with its astonishing versatility.

DaVinci Single-Width tiles add a budget-friendly touch of tradition to a home. The durable tiles can be installed in either a straight or staggered pattern. The uniform 12-inch tile width size and impact-resistant composite construction work to reduce waste on the job site and speed up installation.

Best of all, at a half-inch thickness, DaVinci slate tiles are twice the thickness of most other synthetic slates. This means the Simpsons will never find a curling or cracking tile on their roof again.