Oceanside Sustainable Roofing Project

4b4364fec3566b3820edf731e5f785d9_w640-1Although guests checking into the 48-room Beach Terrace Inn may initially be drawn to the oceanfront views, their gaze soon wanders to the fully-renovated hotel itself. And, that’s when they’re likely to notice the structure’s unique design and low-pitch roof.

When renovating the hotel, the owners wanted a low-maintenance roof that could hold up to salt air and harsh sunlight. They decided on a synthetic roof from DaVinci Roofscapes.

The Aberdeen blend of synthetic slate provides them with a variety of stone, gray, brown, green and purple shades on the low-pitch roof. The tiles resist the high wind, salt air and potential fire damage. And, despite the harsh sun, the colors of the fake slate tiles will not fade. The organic colorants are infused throughout each 100 percent pure resin synthetic tile during the manufacturing process.