Oklahoma Homeowners Gain Insurance Discounts with DaVinci Roofscapes Impact-Resistant Roof

LENEXA, KAN. – State Farm. AAA. Liberty Mutual. These are just three of several insurance companies that are making life a bit more affordable for Oklahoma residents who have impact-resistant polymer roofing products on their homes.

464“We save about $2,000 a year on our homeowners insurance premiums with AAA since having our DaVinci roof installed,” says homeowner Kevin Riley of Norman, OK. “We were in the market for a new roof after a hail storm. Being in Oklahoma I wanted to put something on our roof that would stand up to future storms. The DaVinci roofing product has provided us with the durability to handle our unpredictable weather plus enhanced the architectural look of our home.”

Riley, who added a DaVinci Slate® roof in a European-VariBlend of four colors to his home, appreciates the cost savings on his yearly insurance premiums as a result of adding the impact-resistant roof. “We thought our first roof was fine, but now the polymer slate roof is spectacular,” says Riley. “The color selection enhances our home exterior and we sleep a lot easier at night knowing this roof will help protect our house.”

Across town, homeowner John Simonelli also received a discount on his homeowners insurance after having a DaVinci roof installed. “Hail severely damaged our original roof,” says Simonelli. “The new engineered polymer DaVinci Slate roof we had installed got us a discount from State Farm and made our home look more elegant and tailored. We’re now getting compliments on our roof, and that never happened before.”

More than 40 hail storms in the Oklahoma City area in 2013 convinced Quentin Lobb to seek out impact-resistant roofing products when having his new home constructed. “This area can get winds over 70 mph and softball-sized hail so we did our homework to find a roofing product that that gives us peace-of-mind in severe weather,” says Lobb. “We were attracted to the DaVinci roof due to a combination of factors, most notably its durability, safety and appearance.

“We love its realistic slate appearance and feel worry-free during high winds and hail storms. This roof helps protect us while giving our home an authentic Old World appearance. It has already been through several hail storms and sustained no damage at all.”

Another Norman resident, Dr. James Magnusson, also upgraded to impact-resistant roofing due to hail damage on his previous roof. “If you live in Oklahoma, you have to expect hail,” says Dr. Magnusson. “We made the investment in DaVinci Single-Width Slate roofing because of its durability to hail coupled with its classic look. That’s a winning combination.”


Developed with a state-of-the-art polymer chemistry, DaVinci polymer roofing tiles resist impact, high winds and fire. DaVinci composite tiles are manufactured from a proprietary engineered polymer that includes multiple virgin resins, organic fire retardant, state-of-the-art color and UV stabilizers and inorganic pigments that are safe for the environment.

DaVinci Roofscapes develop and manufacture industry-leading polymer slate and shake roofing systems with an authentic look and superior performance. DaVinci leads the industry in the greatest selection of colors, tile thickness and tile width variety. The company’s reliable products have a limited lifetime warranty and are 100 percent recyclable. All DaVinci high-performing roofing products are proudly made in America where the company is a member of the National Association of Home Builders, the National Association of Roofing Contractors, the Cool Roof Rating Council and the U.S. Green Building Council. For information call 1-800-328-4624 or visit www.davinciroofscapes.com.