One Good Thing to Come Out of a Hurricane … a New Composite Roof

Hurricane Michael was a beast. It struck Panama City, FL as a Category 5 hurricane in 2018. In the months that followed, residents started to rebuild their lives … and their homes. The Chapman family decided to start with their roof.

“We had a solid gray synthetic slate roof before the storm,” says homeowner Pamm Chapman. “While it didn’t leak, 25 percent of the shingles flew off. They were brittle to begin with, so we decided to invest in a new composite roof.”

Enhancing Curb Appeal with Colors

Before Hurricane Michael ever formed, both Pamm and Joey Chapman had heard good reviews on DaVinci Roofscapes products. So, when it was time to replace their damaged roof, they knew exactly what they wanted to top off their 10-year-old home.

A close-up of this Florida home's new DaVinci Slate roof.

“Aesthetically, I love the multiple colors in our new composite roof,” says Chapman. “We selected the European blend, which includes 3 shades of gray and 2 shades of purple. That blend gives so much character to our home.”

While the appearance of their new roof is impressive, so are the features of the DaVinci Multi-Width Slate roof. Class A fire and Class 4 impact rated, the composite roof can handle winds up to 110 mph.

Resistant to humidity, salt air and sea spray, the composite slate tiles are ideal for the home’s waterfront setting on Robinson Bayou, that feeds into the Gulf of Mexico. As a bonus, the man-made roofing material also resists fading, rotting, cracking and pest infestations.

A+ Roofing Installer

“Our new DaVinci roof is gorgeous,” says Chapman. “We appreciate that the Carroll Bradford Roofing crew was efficient. They knew what they were doing through all the steps of installation. We have a large home, and they moved ahead in a neat, organized manner with the project.

A new roof so European in color and design, you'd swear you were strolling the cobblestone streets of old London.

“If a friend or family member were looking for a new roof we would not hesitate to recommend the DaVinci products and Carroll Bradford Roofing. We’re not at all eager for another hurricane to come to our area. However, if it did, we have the confidence that this DaVinci composite roof could handle whatever Mother Nature brings our way!”